Management of Motivation and Its Theories by Hiriyappa .B

Management, Employees, Customers, and Clients are the most important asset in any business today.

Management of motivation and its theories

Management, Employees, Customers, and Clients are the most important asset in any business today. In today’s competitive business environment, Motivation plays an important role in the enrichment of employee satisfaction and employee retention and focuses on how to motivate employees in the best interest of an organization. 
Management of Motivation identifies the theoretical context includes motivation, determinants, concepts in work, effective rewards system and theories that can enhance Management responsibilities is to motivate employees to do their best performance at the work place. 
This book is specially designed for those who are the students in psychology, education, and business, MBA, PGDM & Executives, teachers, parents, coaches, employers, and friends, as well as to a wider audience interested in promoting optimal motivation and performance and manageability. IT management, businessmen, entrepreneurs, operating managers, middle-level managers across the management consultant, business executives and business professionals such as director of forecasting and planning, forecast manager, director of strategic planning, director of marketing, sales manager, advertising manager, CFO, financial officer, controller, treasurer, financial analyst, production manager, brand/product manager, new product manager, supply chain manager, logistics manager, material management manager, purchasing agent, scheduling manager, and director of information systems.

Genre: EDUCATION / Behavioral Management

Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / Leadership

Language: English

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Word Count: 6700

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