Stress Management by Hiriyappa .B

The book takes a holistic view of finding and managing stress rather than looking only at the symptoms.

Stress management

Stress Management helps identify the specific areas of stress in our lives – familiar, physical, work-related, social and emotional. The book takes a holistic view of finding and managing stress rather than looking only at the symptoms. This is helping college and university students focus on finding and relieve stress from the body and mind. This book looks at the causes of stress and how you can deal with stress, teaches you how to cope with stress practically and outlines stress management exercises that you can do anywhere to manage your stress.

The objective of this book is to provide sufficient knowledge to its readers about the subject of Stress Management. It includes stress, reasons, types, stress at workplace, manages stress at the workplace with the stress management techniques. Stress management techniques help to students, entrepreneurs, professionals who are learning how to cope with stress. You will gain simple tools and tips to reduce your stress levels quickly and effectively.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Language: English

Keywords: Relieve the stress, Meditation, stress at work place, symptoms of stress, stress management techniques, chronic stress, acute stress, time management

Word Count: 29100

Sample text:


Stress is a common thing in everyone's life. It is often associated with the happiest movement of the life or the dangerous movement of the life. Stress, stress, stress…. is a common and universal phenomenon for everyone? Stress accumulation is a common problem and it is difficult to manage you due to your lifestyle and attitude. Many time, the term ‘Stress’ use to express the negative experience of the personal life of the individual that happened in everyone's life. It either distress or eustress. Distress represents the negative stress and Eustress represents the positive stress. You can learn how to manage and control distress and you can know how to convert into eustress. When you know this formula, you become happy and lead to peace and prosperous life with problems. This concept applies to everyone's life.

This book is divided into six chapter viz: Stress, Symptoms of Stress, Types of Stress, Stress at the Work Place, Manage Stress at the Work Place and Stress Management Techniques.

Anger, anxiety, and depression accumulate to various varieties of stress. It can affect and effect to both of your body and mind. You can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate or think clearly and unable to take right decisions in connection with the right job. Sometimes, you may suffer mental breakdowns. Because of you have accumulated large amounts of stress.


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