Dionne Lister (author)

Hi, I'm Dionne. I write young adult epic fantasy, suspense and women's fiction. Great to meet you.

Dionne lister

I'm from Sydney and work as an author, copywriter and editor. I've recently completed my YA epic fantasy trilogy, which is called The Circle of Talia. The three books are Shadows of the Realm, A Time of Darkness and Realm of Blood and Fire. Shadows of the Realm and A Time of Darkness have been bestsellers on Amazon and iBooks, having been featured twice on the front page of the iBooks stores.

I spoke at the 2013 Sydney Writers Festival and occasionally have speaking engagements and am active on social media. I am a member of SWFA.

I was once approached by a Greek publisher for translation rights for Shadows of the Realm, but nothing came of it and now I want to do it myself. I'm excited to see what Babelcube has to offer.

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Book two in a young adult fantasy series filled with magic and dragons.
Book 3 in Circle of Talia trilogy YA epic fantasy
An exciting epic fantasy with dragons, magic and adventure.