Chima Ugokwe (author)

Chima ugokwe

Chima Ugokwe born in 1986 in eastern Nigeria is a Nigeria writer.After his studies, he taught briefly in schools, majoring in Basic Writing Skills and ICT. He also did six months training on Basic Writing Skills and Literature to student Refugees in Egypt.He produced 2 films and acted in one for Zahara Foundation on Violence against women. Despite his training in film production, he never acted long nor involved fully in film, only that he does some scripting for producers in both English and indigenous languages. He is also involved in Igbo language and culture promotion and have worked for Igbo ga-adi foundation, Rotary Club and other organisations to promote Igbo language and culture, translated books and texts for local and international organisations.In 2008, Ugokwe wrote his second book, Iwe Nwanne Anaghi Eru n'Okpukpu, an African-based story of two brothers who lived in different paths as enemies. Be it ever, they could come together again. Anger against one's brother does not last. The work won ANA/Nnamdi Azikiwe prize for literature in indigenous language that same year and was later published by Goldline and Jacobs in the US. The book is listed in the Indiana University African Book Awards Database and is soon to be translated into other languages.In 2010, he was awarded a fellow of Ebedi. It was a six-week writing program in the small city of Iseyin, in Oyo state, with writer Igoni Barrett. That was the year he harvested so many awards, like the Princess Hastrup Prize for best Research Work and was a real Star in the best 50 Young Nigeria Stars essay writers in Nigeria. He was awarded Great Young Achievers by Commonwealth in celebration of Nigeria 50 years as independent nation.

2006 – Happy News Essay Finalist 2006 World Movement for Democracy Essay Finalist
2008 – Wordinaction International Writing Competitions Winner England
2008 – Association of Nigeria Authors/ Things Fall Apart At 50 Art Prize, Nigeria
2008 – Association of Nigeria Authors/ Ken Nnamani Prize for Igbo Literature
2009 – Princess Hastrup Prize For The Best Researched Work by Nigeria Ship and Ports
2010 – Wole Soyinka International Ethe Gods ssay Competition Prize Winner
2010 – Nigeria 50 Stars @ 50 Award Winner
2010 – Nominee for Young Writers Achievers Award for Nigeria 50 Years Golden Jubilee by Commonwealth Club London
2011 -Writer in Residence, Ebedi International Writers Resident, Nigeria, West Africa
2011 – Finalist for Ugreen Essay writing contests
2011 – Zahara Foundation Essay Contest Winner
2012 – Finalist of the First Annual Last real IndiansWriting
2012 – Nigeria ICT Success story Essay Writing contests
2012 – Short Story is dead writing competitions, South Africa
2012 – Pendlewar poetry writing competitions, England
2012 – Nigeria Saving Nigeria Poetry competition Finalist
2012 – Remi Raji@ 50 Poetry Finalist
2013 – INDIAFRICA Essay Writing Contest winner, India
2013 – Nigeria Book Foundation /Peter Obi Literary Star Recognition Award
2013 – National orientation Agency Essay Winner
2013 – Rotary Club India, International Essay Winner
2013 – Rotary Club India, International Essay Winner, best writer, Africa
2014 – Teacher award for excellence by Living Forest United Kingdom
2014 – Naija Writer Coach Quiz
2014 – Teacher award for creativity What About Peace United States
2015 – Teacher Champion Award Excellence by Living Forest United Kingdom
2015 – Commonwealth Youth Fellow Award
2015 – Faithpeace Essay Finalist
2016 – Rotary Club India, International Essay Winner, best Writer, Africa


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