Amit Kheterpal (publisher)

A publisher of number of books on number of topics especially Non Fiction

Amit kheterpal

I am the publisher of about 40 non fiction books and have made good money on Amazon in the English language. 


40 Prayers from Bible: For Believing In Yourself
The Agile approach to project management is gaining popularity because it gets better results in less time with smaller teams than the old, rigid, plan-driven methods
Best order to read the bible for the first time.
God has much to say to women in the words of the Bible. He outlines our roles in the home as daughters, wives, and mothers, as well as our roles as women in the church.
Bible Study Guide for those who are starting to learn The BIble
Bible Study Lessons Women of The Bible looks at the lives of the women in the Bible from the perspective of what they have to offer women today
Discipleship for new believers talks about what it takes to be a true disciple of God
Invest in Dividends for Long term income from Stocks
A basic manual that explains dividend stocks for the novice investor in clear, non-technical language.
Recipes after having Gastric Bypass bariatric surgery
German stock market for beginners
Get organized in life - in office and at home
This book tells you about the various tips and techniques that you need to know if have an Inverted Triangle Shaped body.
Let this book change the way you read the Bible and change your life.
ow to Study the Bible for Beginners makes it possible for you to know what the Bible says and apply it to your life.
Yes, you have started earning but have you thought that money you earn can earn you more money.
his book is a win-win for couples getting ready to say “I do” as well as those who already have, but want to be reminded of why they did.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book if you want to get a quick grasp on investing in Mutual Funds
An ebook for those who are looking to start investing in the stock market.
Share market book for beginners investing in UK market
The book of Genesis is a book of beginnings-the beginning of the universe, the beginning of sin, the beginning of the need for God's mercy and forgiveness, the beginning of different people groups, the beginning of God's chosen people, and the beginning o
Understand God’s Word—The Book of Exodus” continues the series of books that provides readers with an in-depth look into the scriptures without being too theological for the ordinary person to understand.
In Leviticus we also see that God expects complete obedience and that he accepts nothing less than our full attention to worship...and why he is so deserving of it.
This simple, clearly written recipe book helps you stay focused on your diet and health with 32 tasty, easy-to-prepare meals that your whole family can enjoy.
This Gratitude Journal will help you establish the habit of giving thanks
The only way to really get to know God and know what he expects of us as his children is by reading and studying the Bible, through prayer, and through worshiping and serving together with other Christians.
Time Management is key to success in personal and professional life.
Weight Loss Surgery book describing what happens before and after the surgery
Be honest—your first inclination was to agree with that statement without even knowing what ‘it’ is. Am I right? If so, don’t worry, because the ‘it’ in this case is FAITH.
Learn the history of World War I in an easy afternoon read.
Take the stress and information overload out of planning your vacation at Disney World with this easy-to-read guide that puts a quick but complete overview at your fingertips.