Stock Market For Beginners UK book by Robert Ward

Share market book for beginners investing in UK market

Stock market for beginners uk book

Stock market is where millions of pounds are made and lost in a year. I am sure you would have heard stories of people making a killing at the stock market and be tempted to invest in the UK stock market. 

I am an investor based out of London and have invested and made money in the share market. I cannot say that I have not lost in shares however I have done reasonably well on the London Stock Exchange. Of course there was no one to help me out so trial and error was my best friend initially. 

This book is an honest attempt at putting the stock market basics together so that beginners in the UK stock market know what they are doing and have the basic know how to understand the UK stock market. 

The topics that I cover are 
1) Saving and Investing
2) Understanding The Stock Market For Beginners UK
3) How Does The Stock Market Work in UK? How does a stock Exchange work in UK?
4) What Are Stock Market Indices in UK?
5) How To Buy Stocks in UK?
6) Types Of Stocks UK in Stock Market
7) Long Term Investment Strategies vs Short Term Investment
8) ETF's for long term investing


Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 5303

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This ebook sells in UK market about 20 copies in month and about 40 copies in the internatioonal market apart from amazon.

Sample text:

Blue Chips are the huge, stable, and profitable companies that are at the top, and have no indication of falling from their perch. Think of the giants like BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Vodafone, Barclays, GLAXOSMITHKLINE and you will have a good idea of a blue chip shares. If you are investing for the long term, blue chips are the way to go. Every portfolio should be weighted with blue chips. For a more comprehensive list of blue chips, take a look at the FTSE-100 or Footsie and it's constituents mainly are blue-chip companies. This will give you a good starting list. These shares will be more expensive than the rest, but infinitely more stable as well.

Dividend Shares are given their name because of their potential to create passive income. An income stock pays a higher dividend than many other equity stocks, and offers a relative level of security. The best income stocks to choose are those with a regularly increasing dividend pay out. The increase will keep you ahead of inflation. Many people have their portfolio full of income stocks and focus exclusively on them as a retirement investment.

Growth Stocks are the stocks which are expected to grow quickly to yield a high return on investment when they are sold. Growths stocks do not usually pay out dividends, instead the profits are reinvested into the company, so that it will continue growing. Technology stocks are generally classified as growth stocks. Growth stocks are great for shorter term investing, without the huge volatility of penny stocks.

Value Stocks are the stocks that are considered bargains. These stocks are generally priced under the current market value for comparable stocks in the same industry. 

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