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Abigail reynolds

Abigail Reynolds isn't good at following straight lines. Originally from upstate New York, she studied Russian and theater at Bryn Mawr College and marine biology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. After a stint in performing arts administration, she decided to attend medical school, and took up writing as a hobby during her years as a physician in private practice. She is one of the co-founders of the popular Austen Variations group blog. 

A life-long lover of Jane Austen's novels, Abigail began writing variations on Pride & Prejudice in 2001, then expanded her repertoire to include a series of novels set on her beloved Cape Cod. Her most recent releases are the national bestseller Mr. Darcy's Noble Connections, Mr. Darcy's Refuge, A Pemberley Medley and Morning Light. She is currently working on a new Pemberley Variation and the next novel in her Cape Cod series. A lifetime member of JASNA, she lives on Cape Cod with her husband, her son and a menagerie of animals. Her hobbies do not include sleeping or cleaning her house.

As the first published author of Jane Austen-inspired variations, she has written 13 books with total sales well over 200,000. Her first 6 books were published by Sourcebooks, with 3 currently being translated into French by traditional French publishers. 

Comments from reviews of Reynolds' books: 

"Reynolds’ reimagining of the characters from Pride and Prejudice will appeal to Austen fans as she keeps to the original plot and tone while flushing out the thoughts behind the action, thus giving fans more of characters they love." - Booklist

"The couple's wit and chemistry makes them worth rooting for." - Publisher's Weekly

"The type of book you will want to keep at the top of your 'to be re-read' stack'."  - Austenprose

"Jane Austen fan or not, you cannot help but love Abigail Reynolds' Pemberley by the Sea - Love Romance Passion

"Readers who can't get enough of Darcy and Elizabeth will find that Reynolds does an admirable job of capturing the feel of the period in this entertaining diversion." - Booklist

"Mr. Darcy's Obsession does not disappoint! And to Darcy & Elizabeth lovers who have yet to discover [Abigail Reynolds'] works, you must put this at the front of the queue!" - Austenprose 

"I believe that if Jane Austen were alive today this is the book she'd have written. I absolutely loved this book!" - Queen of Happy Endings

"One of my favorite variations of Pride and Prejudice and will be one I reread countless times!" - Austenesque Reviews

"For anyone who loves, Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice, this book is a must have." - Debbie's Book Bag

"Abigail Reynolds has created a masterful period novel. The way she weaves romance, tradition, and wit is exciting and fresh." - Everything Victorian and More 

"An exciting, well developed, and romantic novel that stays true to Austen's characters, while being a fantastic unique story of its own." - Laura's Reviews 

"Don't hesitate to purchase Mr. Darcy's Obsession... A satisfying and compelling novel that you'll wish to read over and over again."  - A Curious Statistical Anomaly 

"Abigail created a wonderful story line that kept me interested from beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next" - To Read or Not To Read 

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A Pride & Prejudice Variation
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