by Sky Corgan

Erotic romance novella by USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan

There’s no way a handsome billionaire would pay money for me.
I’m mousey and look like I stepped right out of the nerd brigade. It’s not like the guys were beating down my door, so I figured I’d sell my virginity for some extra cash.

At first, I thought the website was a scam. But when a handsome stranger shows up at my work in a limo and demands that I come with him, I’m swept off my feet…and not in the way I expected.

There’s a rare innocence about her I haven’t seen before.
When I buy her virginity from the website, I think it’s going to be cut and dry. But she’s more than a business transaction, and she’s damn sure letting me know it.
Now I find myself chasing a girl who was supposed to be my subservient little housewife.
I’ll make her bend to my will, though. All it should take is exposing her to pleasures she never knew existed.
Let the games begin…

Heat level: Smokin’ Hot is a 35,000 word romance about a girl who bit off more than she could chew when she tried to sell her virginity on a website. It features a dominant billionaire, a bratty virgin, and some intense between the sheets action. Happily ever after guaranteed.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: new adult romance, coming of age romance, alpha male romance, virgin romance, auction romance, steamy romance, billionaire romance

Word Count: 34429

Sales info:

This book is a new release and is expected to hit the top 200 on Amazon as well as the top 10 in its genre categories.

Sample text:

My body stills as I feel something shift beneath my ass. My clit pulses from the sensation. I stop struggling. My heart is beating out of control, echoing in my ear from adrenaline.

“If you're a good girl, I'll let you go. Or maybe I won't.” His grip tightens on me. That's definitely his erection poking my ass.

“What are you going to do to me?” I ask between clenched teeth, trying to keep my fear from causing tears to pool in my eyes. I was stupid for allowing this to happen. I should have never clicked on that fucking ad.

“I'm taking you back to my house. Unless of course, you'd rather me fuck you right here.” His lips trace the curve of my neck.

“And then what?” I lean away from him.

“And then we'll see what happens from there.”

“And then you'll kill me?” I practically spit at him.

He gives me a confused look, his eyebrows furrowing. “No. Oh God no.” His hold on me finally loosens enough that I'm able to push out of his arms and take the seat across from him.

We've pulled onto the highway. If I tried jumping out of the limo now, I'd risk being badly injured. I may even die. I need to wait for a better opportunity to make my escape.

All the passion in his expression is gone. Now he just looks troubled. “Wait. You did sign up for that website, didn't you?”

I purse my lips, wondering what exactly I did sign up for. Not to be abducted, for sure. Maybe was a cover for something else, something darker.

“What did you sign up for?” I throw the question back at him.

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Quick and precise.
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