The Crypts of Eden by Rick Jones

The paradise we all know as Eden holds many dark secrets and unholy terrors.

The crypts of eden

In southeast Turkey where the heads of the four main rivers once met, a magnificent temple created 14,000 years ago is discovered beneath the desert floor. Believed to have been created by lost technology, it is quickly determined by a team of archeologists to be the centerpiece of Eden, a once illustrious civilization and the cradle of mankind. But what if Eden is not the Paradise texts make it out to be? What if it held dark secrets and unholy terrors instead? As Senior Archeologist Alyssa Moore and her team of experts discover the truth of man’s beginning, she realizes that the secrets of man’s true origins lie within the sacred tombs inside the temple. But the journey for the truth is not without its dangers or pitfalls . . . Something walks the warrens within.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 82000

Sales info:

Amazon and BN bestseller. 4 star rating with 73 reviews.

Sample text:

The creature’s frill reacted by fanning out around its head, the tiny receptors in the flesh picking up vibrations and processing them within neurotransmitters inside its brain, thereby governing it by instinct.

It was alone. And it was hungry.

The behemoth moved within the shelter of darkness not too far from the fringe of light, its instinct telling it to destroy the device that cast the glow of illumination.

It moved closer, its massive tail moving in serpentine motion along the floor.

The light was getting closer.

. . . The passageway to the crystal wall was 20 meters away . . .

The light grew brighter.

The creature grew bolder.

. . . 15 meters away . . .

Slowly it advanced, still on course.

The fringe of light was now spilling out the doorway and into the hall.

. . . 10 meters . . .

Hunger consumed it, driving it by the instinctive need to feed.

. . . Five meters . . .

The lamp threw out a harsh radius of light.

 It was at the door, its reptilian tongue moving in and out, picking up the scent of its prey. Very close.

Voices, whispers, noises—though the creature could not hear well, sounds were carried through the air and picked up by its highly advanced receptors. Its jaw distended slowly as gossamer strands of viscous saliva stretched between the upper and lower portions of its serrated teeth.

And then with the speed and agility of a great hunter residing at the top of the food chain, it attacked.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Barb Wire of Hollywood
Already translated. Translated by Fabrocini Barbara
Author review:
Excellent work and translation.
Already translated. Translated by Juanma Baquero

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