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My name is Rick Jones and I am the bestselling author of The Vatican Knights' series, as well as the Crypts of Eden trilogy.

Rick jones

Rick Jones was born and raised in the Boston area and moved to Las Vegas in the early eighties where he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a degree in English. His ebooks have sold more than 300,000+ copies worldwide.

Rick Jones is the bestselling author of the Vatican Knight series (THE VATICAN KNIGHTS, SHEPHERD ONE, THE ISCARIOT AGENDA, PANDORA’S ARK, THE BRIDGE OF BONES, CROSSES TO BEAR to name a few, with fourteen books total in the series and growing), the psychological thriller FAMILIAR STRANGER; GAME OF DRONES with Rick Chesler; the bestselling action/adventure series: The Eden trilogy (THE CRYPTS OF EDEN, THE MENAGERIE and THE THRONES OF EDEN); and the first book the the Earth-Seeding series (CITY BENEATH THE SEA); with compilation sales totaling more than 500,000 ebooks worldwide.

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The Vatican Knights are in search of the Ark of the Covenant before terrorist forces ues it against the pope.
The paradise we all know as Eden holds many dark secrets and unholy terrors.
The Special-Ops force that uncovers a White House conspiracy putting the Pope in danger.