The Carrero Influence (book 2) by L.T.Marshall

Redefining Rules: Jake & Emma

Part two of the first Carrero Series; Contemporary Romance

The carrero influence (book 2)

EMMA ANDERSON has had her entire world turned upside down, and not for the better.

JAKE CARRERO - the only man in her life she has ever been able to trust - has gone. Her perfect job is a distant memory. Her future is bleak. 

She has lost the cool facade she spent years perfecting and has been left in a desolate slump, trying to claw back some form of normality. 

Emma is heartbroken... that is until Jake walks straight back into her life.

And maybe there is a chance at something more between them this time. But this "more" comes with analyzing everything that’s come before - as well as the baggage that is now attached to him in the form of Marissa Hartley. 

Flawed but addictive characters and a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Contains some mature, adult content and language.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: romance, contemporary, adult themed, love, billionaire, CEO, Lovers, boss and PA, friends to lovers, millionaire, office romance, sexy, mature, abuse

Word Count: 146,010

Sales info:

It's a popular UK series set in New York. The series as a whole jumps up and down the rankings and often reaches the top 100 of the UK kindle store. 

Sample text:

The subway to work is crowded as usual, even at this early hour. The smell and noise are overwhelming. I’m feeling fragile, nausea plaguing me all the time these days; the stress of moving offices and away from Jake making me ill. I check my watch for the fiftieth time this morning.

I’m late again … What the hell is wrong with me lately?

I groan inwardly.

I can’t seem to get my head together or get back on track with anything. Giovanni Carrero has yelled at me so many times these last three weeks I feel like resigning. He’s demoted me to the coffee bearer for now, and I’m slowly losing everything I’ve worked for. My reputation as an efficient PA is shot, and I’ve heard the rumors circulating the building.

Jake Carrero dismissed me for my incompetence and moved me to his father’s building because he felt sorry for me.

The lies upset me, but I push them down into the depths of my mind along with everything else about Jake Carrero. It’s better than people knowing the truth that the stupid, naive PA fell in love with her boss and he didn’t feel the same way.

That truth hurts more than rumors and lies ever could.

His father has more assistants than he needs, but he likes to be surrounded by a swarm of servants. I am surplus to requirements, it seems. So, instead, I've become a glorified receptionist; without a desk or any actual tasks or responsibilities. I am that person who is asked to do the menial things, like hauling files to the library, making trips to Starbucks, and serving hot drinks to stuffed shirts when a meeting is in full swing.




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