The Beating Heart Beneath Hollow Hill Cemetery by Leonard D. Hilley II

Dee's Mystery Solvers Club uncovers and solves a haunting mystery on a cold Halloween night.

The beating heart beneath hollow hill cemetery

(Short Story)

Legends and paranormal activities prevail in the Ravenstead Community. One such legend is the constant beating heart of Wendell Graven in the Hollow Hill Cemetery. A curious fourteen-year-old girl, Dee Sullivan, wants to discover the truth behind the strange, mysterious phenomenon. With her older brother, Marty, and their two best friends, Lynn and Adam, they set out on Halloween night to discover the truth behind the beating heart in Hollow Hill.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Short Stories

Language: English


Word Count: 9,000

Sample text:

The smell of burnt leaves hung in the crisp air as neighbors hurried to clean their yards and ditches before the invasion of trick-or-treaters flooded the streets. Leaf-blowers buzzed and riding mowers with huge collection bags chopped leaf and twig debris into mulch. While others raked, some children ran and dove into the leaf piles, making the heaps explode into showers of raining yellow, orange, and red leaves.

A cold breeze rustled the pastel colored leaves in the large maples and oaks at the end of Dreary Lane in the Ravenstead community where the Sullivans lived. Spiraling leaves drifted and fell to the backyard patio, scraping across the concrete behind the two-story brick house.

At the picnic table Dee Sullivan and her brother, Marty, finished carving their Jack O’ Lanterns with their neighbors Adam Chase and Lynn Johnson. Each sat at one side of the table with their pumpkin’s faces turned where only the carver could see them until the great unveiling.

Crickets nestled beneath thick shrubs gathered together for their final choruses before the wicked frosty nights claimed the end of summer and nature’s songs ceased until the following spring.

“I’ve got pumpkin guts all over me,” Dee said, flicking bits of seeds and orange gooey strands from her sweatshirt. Her hands were also coated with sticky pulp and seeds.

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Already translated. Translated by Marie Chartier
Author review:
Working with Marie has been a pleasure. She translated the manuscript in a timely matter and communication has been wonderful.
Translation in progress. Translated by Marta D'Amico
Already translated. Translated by DEBORA LIMA
Translation in progress. Translated by Naxielly Bañuelos

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