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Naxielly bañuelos

I've been a fully bilingual individual ever since I was a baby. I grew speaking both english and spanish due to my household tradition. When I grew older I also became interested in other languages, which I continue to study still. Even though the use of the previously mentioned languages has been a natural thing to me, I began translating formally during the last year of my first major in stage arts, when I decided to specialize in dramaturgy and direction. Several of the montages and plays I was interested in, were modern and fairly new plays, and were therefore only available in foreign languages, particularly english. So I merely began translating them responding to my personal needs, but soon enough, the rumour spread among the local acting community that I was able to make full translations of plays and movie scripts, which lead to eventually having multiple requests for such matters. I've roughly translated around 36 scripts for local projects. My experience translating is not particulary prolific or plentiful, but I really enjoy doing it and I'd love to do it more and more.

Native language: English
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: English, Spanish

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