Leonard D. Hilley II (author)

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Author of Predators of Darkness: Aftermath; Beyond the Darkness; The Game of Pawns, Death's Valley, Devils Den, and Shawndirea (Chronicles of Aetheaon: Book One)

Leonard d. hilley ii

Leonard D. Hilley II is a biologist who specializes in writing suspense/thrillers and fantasies. He is the author of the sci-fi suspense thriller Predators of Darkness Series [Predators of Darkness: Aftermath, Beyond the Darkness, The Game of Pawns, Death's Valley, & The Deimos Virus: Target Earth]. He is also the author of the epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Aetheaon [Shawndirea: Book One; Lady Squire: Dawn's Ascension, Book Two]. He is the author of the Forrest Wollinsky Vampire Hunter series [Forrest Wollinsky: Vampire Hunter; The Blood Mists of London; Predestined Crossroads; Succubus: Shadows of the Beast].

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