Stories To Creep You Out Until Dawn by Khaled Talib

10 Eye-Bulging Flash Fiction

Stories to creep you out until dawn

Ten real- life bone chilling stories from evil spirits, ghoulish figures to the paranormal, the supernatural, the unexplained, and things that do more than just go bump in the night.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Language: English

Keywords: horror, horror short stories , occult, supernatural, horror anthologies, horror & supernatural literary criticism, short story literary criticism

Word Count: 3717

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Sample text:


It's a noisy, smoky club. The atmosphere thick with stale cigarette smoke and a sense of sex pervades throughout the room. 

You’re sitting at the bar, alone, soaking up the rowdy atmosphere as the disco ball spins wildly, spraying pinpricks of light in the dimness.  The music isn’t too bad, and the dancers on the bar counters, hanging cages, alcoves, and around the poles are spectacular. The bouncers are kept busy occasionally throwing out trouble makers. Overall, you’re having a good time.

As the night wanes, you start to feel bored. You see me sitting alone at a table near the stage. You approach me and ask if you could join me. I make a slight gesture in the direction of a chair in front of me.

We introduce ourselves, vaguely. Both of us not expecting much from each other. Then you notice the soft drink in my hand. A can of orange soda. You chuckle. You find it odd I’m not drinking the real stuff, especially when I’m in a place like this. You ask me what’s up with that. I tell you it’s because I’ve got to remain sober otherwise the Devil will enter my mind. You laugh and tell me that I could be anywhere right now, yet I chose to come here, of all places. I tell you that I didn’t come here for a good time. I came here to hide from the Devil.

My answer puzzles you.

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Mayuri's translation of my book into Hindi is outstanding, capturing the essence of the original with finesse. Her skillful rendition brings my work to life in a new language, making it accessible to a wider audience.
Already translated. Translated by Riccardo Mainetti
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Riccardo is a superb translator with depth and substance. I trusted his judgement totally. Why I like this translator is because he managed to grasp the essence of my message. He understood the book well because he realized the meaning of it. In other words, he was in sync with my thoughts. This is the type of partner you want on your side.
Already translated. Translated by Karoline Barcia
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Karoline is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. She would go into details and explain intricacies as to why she translated a phrase or a word this way or that way, or why she could not translate it literally (because there is no equivalent). So in that sense you are dealing with someone who dissects each line as if she is looking at it under a microscope.
If you are looking for a Portuguese translator who is meticulous, go for her.
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Selene is a passionate writer/translator who is easy to work with. She responds to your queries and keeps you updated of her progress. If you are looking for someone with energy, I'd recommend Selene.

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