Sleeping with the Band by Dee Dawning

It's the Summer of Love and they want her for sure and it's looking more and more like she wants them. Will she? Dare she?

Sleeping with the band

LOCATION: Monterey Pop Festival, 1967.

SCENE: A beautiful woman named Carol, a five piece band named Maidenhead, a motor home and desire.

RESULT: An incredibly, erotic, quinte-sensual experience.

After playing the set of their life, at the Monterey Pop Festival, the five members of the Maidenhead become mesmerized by Carol, a mysterious beauty who shows up at their motor home asking to use the restroom. As the night moves on they toke a little grass, shed a few clothes and get to know each other. It's the Summer of Love and they want her for sure and it's looking more and more like she wants them. Will she? Dare she?

Warning: This book containes explicit sex scenes, sex with multiple strangers (5 band members)

44 pages, 9000 words
Reader Rating:   [star] [star] [star] [star] [star] (10 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:    [lip] [lip] [lip] [lip] [lip]
Editorial Reviews:
From Siren's Songs Reviews, Reviewed by Nattie
When I read Erotica, I mostly read one on one or a menage. This was a full blown orgy, and I haven't read an Erotica orgy so well played out in a very long time. It was hot, hot, hot, for a little book it managed to cover all the right parts. It was without a doubt worth reading. Def a 5 star and it's so damn smoking hot, it'll burn ya!

From Not Now Monny's Reading: Kristen, 4.5 Stars
As for Dee, I officially crown you my King of, Erotica! I kneel at your feet forever your loyal subject! Let me tell you, Dee will have you holding your breath, gasping in shock, then have you hot and cold at the same time! I huddled over my Kindle looking over my shoulder, giggling like a naughty school girl. I loved Playing With the Ban

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English


Word Count: 9000

Sales info:

Slaes and rankings have been disappoining, but reviews and ratings have always been high

Sample text:

Al had driven the last two hundred miles and took an hour nap while the rest of them headed over to the show to hang out and get in the groove. It was the Summer of Love and hot girls teased their eyes with light, revealing, summer clothing, and love beads. Long hair and dresses were common, as were bell bottoms and clunky shoes. So was the unmistakable smell of pot.

The music died at midnight. They were invited to a couple parties, but they were sleepwalking, so they headed to the motor home.

Al went straight into the tiny restroom while his brother, Hogan, made a sandwich. The youngest member, Petey, who'd barely turned eighteen, sprawled out on the couch.

Zach stretched his arms and yawned. "Man, I'm gonna sleep 'til noon."

"Me too," Petey agreed.

Rossi leaned forward. "How do you think we did?"

Hogan walked in, chewing a bite of his sandwich. "Man," he said with his mouth full, "couldn't ya tell? We fucking knocked 'em dead."

Petey nodded. "Maybe, but I'm glad it's over. At the end I played on fumes."

A rap sounded on the aluminum door. Zach, the nearest, opened it. Standing on the top step was the foxiest fox he'd ever seen. She had long blonde hair, and the blouse she wore was soaked. He started to scan her slender form, but couldn't get past her bosom. The wet fabric clung to her breasts making them look bare. They weren't too big and they weren't too small—they were perfect. Her firm nipples jutted out from pinkish areolas and stretched the sheer white fabric of her blouse. Zach's dick apparently liked what he saw, because it jumped, ready for action.

"Hi, I'm Carol. I don't suppose you have a bathroom I could use, do you?"

God, she was gorgeous. He stepped aside and invited her in. "Of course. Come in, please."

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Already translated. Translated by Elena D'Ambrosio
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This was the second book Elena did for me. She's easy to work with and does a good job
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Excellent translator and quick.
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My book was Maria's first book with Babelcube. She did a good job, but with a little more practice she could be first rate.

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