Sam's Song by Hannah Howe

A Sam Smith Mystery

Sam's song

Sam's Song is a psychological mystery with a touch of humour and romance. The story is narrated by Samantha Smith, a thirty-two-year-old private detective with a history of psychological trauma in the form of domestic abuse. In Sam's Song, Sam is hired to investigate a stalker, a trail which soon leads to murder and a scandal involving a number of celebrities.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: Female Sleuths, Psychological Mysteries, Private Detectives, Detective Fiction, Mystery Fiction

Word Count: 52,000

Sales info:

Sam's Song has reached #1 on the private detective chart (and is in the top five at the time of writing) plus the top twenties of the mystery charts in Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Sample text:

I was sitting in my office, tapping my fingers on my desk, waiting for my computer to start. As usual, my fingernails were bitten to the quick – it was an annoying habit, one I was trying to break – and, as usual, my computer was having one of its ‘moments’. Like most of the items in my office, the computer was a refurbished model, the best I could afford. Today, I was in luck and the programme opened. I selected the appropriate file and was about to type up a report for a client when a man walked in carrying a silver-tipped cane in one hand and a felt fedora in the other.

“Samantha Smith, enquiry agent?” he asked.

                        I looked up from my keyboard and nodded. “Do you want to hire me?” It was a question I asked everyone who entered my office – money was tight – I needed their patronage. In the early years, my voice had an almost desperate edge to it when I asked that question, a desperate edge that matched my pleading look. Recently, I’d modified my tone and look, but to my ears, I still sounded frantic.






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Laura was very professional in her approach and a pleasure to work with. I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity of working on more books together in the future because she is an excellent translator.
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Eva and Christina are an impressive team. They followed through on their promise to translate our book and completed the task with a high degree of professionalism in good time. Their attention to detail was impressive and they were very helpful throughout the translation process.
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Julia was a pleasure to work with. She translated the book within the agreed time and was helpful throughout the process. I’m delighted that we will be working together on future titles.
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I enjoyed working with Laura. She asked appropriate questions when necessary and answered my queries promptly. She translated the book in the agreed time and displayed a professional attitude throughout. I sincerely hope we will work together on more translations.
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Jill was a pleasure to work with and I’m delighted that she will be translating more of our books. She is a high-quality, first-class translator.

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