Sabina's Pursuit of The Holy Grail by Martin Lundqvist

Being reborn in the 21st century, Sabina must stop the apocalypse from happening in the 29th

Sabina's pursuit of the holy grail

Being reborn in the 21st century, Sabina must stop the apocalypse from happening in the 29th century.

Sabina is a gifted 18-year-old girl living in Sydney, in the year 2037. She carries a unique secret. Sabina used to be the Chosen One, but she failed to stop the apocalypse from occurring in the year 2887. As she died, she asked The True Maker to let her be reborn in 2019 and to keep her powers.

After narrowly escaping being raped by the spoiled brat Joshua Harkins, Sabina has an epiphany: That it is time for her to set out on her mission to find the Primordial Zeto Crystal, also known as the Holy Grail.

Sabina's quest takes her to Jerusalem where evil men are after the Holy Grail for their own nefarious purposes. Facing the conspirators, Sabina sets out on a dangerous quest to find and purify the magical artefact, and to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

But stopping evil is not an easy task, and what sacrifices must Sabina make to reach her goal. Will Sabina be able to retain her innocence throughout the ordeal?

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English

Keywords: scifi, young adult, supernatural, rebirth, adventure, conspiracy, magical artifacts, the True Maker

Word Count: 21000

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Sample text:

My name is Sabina Hines, but I secretly prefer Sabina Eisenstein. I was born in 2019, and when you are reading this, it is the year 2037. I have just turned 18, and I was born in South Africa, but I have been living in Sydney, Australia for many years now since my parents migrated there as the racial tensions in South Africa turned violent and it was unsafe to live in that country.

Other people say I am beautiful, and maybe they are right. I would describe myself as tall and slender, with symmetrical features and clear complexion. My hair is blonde, and my eyes are blue, sometimes even glowing blue when ‘she’ is talking to me. There is nothing unique about my beauty though, as beautiful girls are a dime a dozen, and physical beauty fades as we age.

No, what is unique about me is that I have lived in a previous life. Before I was Sabina Hines, I was Sabina Eisenstein in another life. I know that many of you will scoff at this as nothing, and my claim itself doesn’t even sound that unique, after all, countless people are claiming to have been everything from Napoleon, to Hitler, to Elvis in their past lives and reincarnation is a major theme of significant religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

But my reincarnation story is unique, you see, I once lived a short life as Sabina Eisenstein in the distant future, I lived during the years 2875 to 2887.  Born to a Martian revolutionary by the name of Keila Eisenstein, I was tasked by the True Maker to stop the extra-terrestrial Xeno queen Rangda from corrupting Zeto Crystals and to stop that wicked demon from tyrannising and destroying the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

I failed at this task when Rangda killed my physical body, forcing the True Maker to destroy Rangda. But when doing so, The True Maker had also inadvertently destroyed the entire Milky Way Galaxy in the process

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Already translated. Translated by Maria Klimesch
Already translated. Translated by Nasia Serepisou
Already translated. Translated by Raquel Silva
Author review:
A bit late, but generally a good translation.
Already translated. Translated by Paola Revolorio and Claudio Valerio Gaetani
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Paula wrote an almost flawless translation, delivered in a timely manner.

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