Revenge Games by Sky Corgan

Romantic sports comedy

Revenge games

From USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan comes a new adult contemporary romance.

Caleb Ryan was the only man I ever loved. The only guy who even acknowledged my existence when we were going to high school together. But then he betrayed me...

I spent years trying to get over what he'd done to me, honing my hatred until it was knife sharp. Now I finally have a chance to exact revenge. He won't even see it coming. I plan to get rid of him no matter what it takes.

The only problem is I need him to achieve another goal. Whether I like it or not, we're going to have to work together. But I still plan to make him pay.

This is book one of the Revenge Games Duet. This is a sweet romantic comedy between a quirky girl, a ripped personal trainer, and a sexy billionaire. There is NO cheating, and a happy for now ending is guaranteed.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Humorous

Language: English

Keywords: sports romance, romantic comedy, love triangle, new adult romance, coming of age romance, workplace romance, boss romance

Word Count: 62432

Sales info:

This books is a new release, but I am anticipating that it will break the top 100 on Amazon US.

Sample text:

The door opens, and I silently pray it's going to be a woman around my age. The idea of finally having a close girlfriend shoots my excitement right back up to the rafters.

It's not a woman though. It's a man. And when I look upon his face, every ounce of joy that I felt when I arrived at my new apartment falls away like a pane of shattered glass.


My internal reaction to the man standing before me is so strong that the scathing word almost leaves my lips.

I fight the urge to narrow my eyes, but the heat I'm feeling inside has certainly made it to my face.

How in the hell could this have happened? In a city with over two million people, what are the odds that I'd move in next door to this asshole.

Caleb Ryan smiles at me, though he also looks a bit startled. “Can I help you?” he asks me hesitantly before turning away from me for a moment to chastise his dog for trying to get past his legs.

I know I must look like a largemouth bass. My mouth is open. My eyes are wide.

Can I help you? Is that it? Really?

It takes me a moment to regain my composure. The second I do, I avert my gaze. Just looking at him makes me feel all kinds of unpleasant things. “I just wanted to come tell you that I moved in next door.”

He glances past me, pointing his finger around like a dowsing rod.

“There.” I gesture to the apartment across from his.

“Ah. Alright.” He nods, his eyes landing on the plate of cookies I'm holding. “Are those for me?”

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Already translated. Translated by Madlyne Marmu
Author review:
Great job. Would recommend.
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Already translated. Translated by Ericka Valiente
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Quick and precise.

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