Mental Practice: Moving the Attention by Apo Halmyris

A practical approach to mental concentration training

Mental practice: moving the attention

The author of "Meditation and Creativity" is offering another bouquet of lessons about concentration techniques. 
This book is addressed to the contemporary seekers, but maintaining the classical principles validated by experience.

Genre: SELF-HELP / Meditations

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Meditation

Language: English


Word Count: 5213

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Sample text:

Without any doubt, this is a course, a part of a course. This is the course I was teaching my students along that portion of the path we had happened to be treading together for a while. Afterwards, sooner or later each one had to continue his personal travel as an attentive seeker.

The string of exercises described hereafter are of a different nature and style, when compared with those depicted in my previous book “Meditation and Creativity. Always New”. In that compendium it was clearly presented a simple and safe road of understanding and approaching meditation. The object of concentration, our own breath, was becoming more and more fluid and refined, diffused and vanishing, allowing the enlargement of our sphere of consciousness.

The object of our concentration here is somehow the same, the moving of our own breath as an attention object. But, this focused object is becoming more and more clear cut, and is precisely localized in space, while 'being moved', by an action.  The tasks are of a structured nature, exactly defined stage by stage.

Our abilities to imagine and visualize are also put to work, gaining in intensity.

Again, those questions are showing: to whom are all these exercises useful? And why?

Those naturally curious and open minded might always find here a wide field of possible research.

But for the searchers on their path, shaping the attention, improving the states of concentration, refining the concentration skills, is opening the gateless gate toward meditation.

Repeated exercise for the purpose of acquiring proficiency and ease in entering various mental states might be of value if persistent practice is followed.


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