Mary Queen of the Scots: The Forgotten Reign by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Celebrating the life and reign of Scotland's "people's princess"

Mary queen of the scots: the forgotten reign

Queen Mary Stuart was one of the most beloved and controversial women in Scottish history.  The granddaughter of King James IV and his wife Margaret Tudor, Queen Mary's status as heiress-apparent to the English throne paired with the violence of the Scottish Reformation set the stage for one of the most dramatic and poorly understood lives of the 16th century.

Mary Queen of the Scots tells Mary's true story, focusing primarily on her reign as queen of Scotland, celebrating her life more than her death, and showing us all why she was truly a woman ahead of her time.

A Legendary Women of World History narrative biography.


Secondary Genre: HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain

Language: English

Keywords: 16th century, Stewart, Holyrood, Edinburgh, David Riccio, France, John Knox

Word Count: 11200

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Regularly in the top 20 on Amazon for juvenile biographies.


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Sample text:

“All hail to the days that merit more praise than all the rest of the year. And welcome the nights that double delights as well for the poor as the peer! Good fortune attend each merry man’s friend. That doth but the best he may.  Forgetting old wrongs with carols and songs to drive the cold winter away!” sang Queen Mary as she played her lute in her private apartment in Holyrood.  Looking out the window she watched the snow dance from the sky to the ground.  Now spending her fourth winter in Scotland since her return Mary found herself thankful for the many tapestries on the walls, each of them designed to make the room warmer by insulating from the cold Edinburgh winter storms. 

Finally at length Mary put down her lute and approached Mary Seton, “The snow is so beautiful right now and my heart is merry.  I am going outside for a walk and some exercise.  Please bring me my furs and my boots.”

Smiling Mary Seton went to the queen’s closet for the requested clothes, “Do you wish to go hunt?  Shall I send for the royal falconer?”

“No; I think I prefer to practice with my bow for a bit.  No need for a large retinue.  I only want some nice air and the peace to enjoy the snow.”


Thirty minutes later Queen Mary strode into the newly fallen snow.  Walking just twenty metres from the palace she observed archery targets already set up for her along with several quivers of arrows.  Stringing her bow expertly she notched her first arrow into the string and sighted it to the center of the nearest target just thirty paces away. With a thump the arrow leapt from her bow to land solidly just three inches from the centre of the target.  Picking up another arrow she aimed again.  This time it landed in the centre.

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Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Elisabeth te Boekhorst
Author review:
Liesbeth did a wonderful job on Mary Queen of the Scots: the Forgotten Reign. My biographies are very technical books in terms of formatting and style. She handled all of it professionally and accurately. Looking forward to working on "Queen Elizabeth Tudor" with her in 2020.
Already translated. Translated by Agnes Metanomski
Author review:
Excellent translation work as always. Not always prompt about responding to messages or attending to deadlines.
Already translated. Translated by Stephan Remberg
Author review:
Met scheduled deadline.
Already translated. Translated by Laura Lucardini
Author review:
Some minor communication difficulties, but excellent and accurate translation.
Already translated. Translated by Gabriella Lima Azevedo
Author review:
Gabriella's translation is very accurate and detail-oriented. However, when it comes to the meta data required to publish and sell the book, her attention waivers. Had to use google translate for the book key words as these were not supplied by Gabriella. Likewise, she did not fill in the book description field when she submitted the book as final and had to be emailed for that information.

The book interior file did not make use of page breaks, appropriate use of text styles (normal, header, etc).

Suggest for short books where a table of contents is not needed.
Already translated. Translated by René Eduardo Galindo Almendariz
Author review:
Very well done.

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