Love Signals: How to Identify Love Signals by Vanessa M. Lopez

short book on "love signals" and relationships

Love signals: how to identify love signals

It may be hard to believe, but today’s connected world hasn’t made it easier for people to find somebody to love. Many gaps have been filled by the ease of expression and communication, but new problems have risen from the same benefits.
What have we improved on? Everything. Making arrangements for meet-ups and dates are as easy as downloading an app. Comfortable places to meet up are everywhere. Society has become tolerable of all kinds of relationships. The list goes on.

But problems reveal themselves once you look deeper. The unique difficulties of our generation are almost impossible to see; they are embedded deeply into how we do things. Many barriers of communication have been broken down thanks to modern technology, but much of the way people see, judge, and react remains the same. This is what makes dating hard. We all appear to be so connected, but the truth is, recognizing someone’s reactions to you is still very hard.

So, the question remains: how do you identify love signals?

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Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Language: English


Word Count: 3,755

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Masculine Signals

It’s different when it comes to men. They express their emotions through actions you can easily see. In fact, it’s not hard to identify a man who’s checking you out, especially when gender roles dictate him to behave strongly. But sometimes you see men giving off all sorts of signals, but he’s still not asking for a serious relationship. Maybe he needs a push. If you’re unsure if you should do that, here are some unmistakable signs he’s telling you that you should.

He turns into someone completely different around you. With friends, he’s an extrovert, but with you, he’s extremely shy. This is not because he isn’t interested in you. If you don’t see him acting this way around other women, then it means something.

The opposite of that is also true. The shy guy starts being confident around you. He starts to dress properly, giving the effort to become more handsome. He does this to explicitly show his interest. You just have to notice him.

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