La Guerra Interior by John Mumba

It i an imaginative story of creation that answers a lot of questions concering the origin of life and the power behind it.

La guerra interior

The War Within is Bible fiction that stands unique as it is not based on any theological beliefs and religion. It is an enganging story that everyone will find interesting to read.

Genre: FICTION / Religious

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Christian / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Creation, origin , Christian, Jesus, Lucifer, Woman, Bible, Angels, death, God, Mary, sin

Word Count: 50,448

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Sold a 1000 copies so far

Sample text:



The man cannot wait for the woman to reach the throne; he runs after her about two hundred meters. He opens his hands to receive her and they greet each other with smiles as if they have known each other for a long time.

“No need of introduction,” the man says to the living voice as he hugs the woman.

“This is the bone of my bones, and the flesh of my flesh,” he declares.

The living Voice remains quite and after the pronouncement of the man, He vanishes from their sight. The living Voice could not say anything because the woman had taken His position.

The two remain at the same spot hugging each other.

“You are the comfort of my heart. Your name is Eve because you are a lifegiver. My life depends on you and everything you will say I will do. Any instruction you give me that I will obey. You are here to show me the way. My life shall depend on you because you are my resting place. I am complete with you. My throne is your throne. Adam talks to Eve as they hold hands walking towards his throne.

It’s Thursday about midday when Eve is brought to Adam. Eve opens her mouth and speaks to the man.

“You are my Lord because I came from your loins. My blood is your blood.”

From the few words that she utters and the tone of her voice; Adam's heart is charged with intense desire for her. The two walk towards the throne and go straight to a love room that glitters with the ten precious stones of the throne. Their spiritual bed has unfading perfume of Mount Zion.  



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Translation in progress. Translated by Lazarous Sakala
Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
Already translated. Translated by Eduardo Romero Sanchez
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Eduardo Romero Sanchez is committed to his work and gets the work done according to the dates he sets. His communication is on point and he engages into the work with all dedication it deserves.

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