Keto Diet by Dedona Publishing

Carb-Cycling Lifestyle for Ketogenic Vegetarians

Can vegetarians stay in ketosis for a long time?

Keto diet

Perhaps you thought the keto diet was all about eating a lot of meat. Well, the truth is more complex than that, so in this guide, you will learn how to be on a ketogenic diet without having to eat those healthy lean meats or fatty fish they always mention. You will see there is an even better way, and that is to get your healthy fats and nutrients from nature’s best. 

In this book, other topics will be discussed, like the great advantages of avocados, what you should eat, what you should absolutely avoid, how you can utizilize supplements to aid you in your determination and plans, and what causes those dreaded inflammations. In a brief chapter, we will also discuss how children can get the benefits from a keto diet their parents follow, and finally, the various dangers of sugar will be addressed, which will blow you away, figuratively speaking. This is your opportunity! Grab this book and start reading or listening now!
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Genre: COOKING / Vegetarian & Vegan

Secondary Genre: COOKING / Health & Healing / Low Carbohydrate

Language: English

Keywords: vegetarian, vegetarians, low carb, ketogenic diet, keto diet, ketosis, weight loss, high fat

Word Count: 12700

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