Jake's View by L.T. Marshall

Carrero Bonus Book one

The male POV to accompany the Carrero series books 1 -3

Jake's view

Book 1 in my Carrero bonus book series.

These books are a series of their own, as male POV extras.

The much-requested favorite chapters from all three books of the Carrero Trilogy. Fans voted on my Facebook group on chapters they wanted to see re-written from Jake Carrero's point of view. All of these were shared on my blog over weeks and have now been polished and presented in an additional quick-read book. Please note that this is not a story, but chapters in order from various points in the romance, and you will need to read The Carrero Trilogy for this book to have any value to you. This is a fan-requested extra. This is not a complete story but rather selected chapters, and you need to read the Carrero series for these to have value to you.

The Carrero Effect, The Carrero Influence, and The Carrero Solution tell the story of Emma Anderson and Jake Carrero, work colleagues who end up as lovers and on a roller coaster journey in the making.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: romance, billionaire, series, carrero, love

Word Count: 61330

Sales info:

The Carrero series has a small following and does pretty well in sales and page reads, with daily of both.

Sample text:

The Carrero Effect

~ The First Meeting ~

Jacob Carrero stood in his room in front of the large mirror over the vanity and warmed hair wax between his fingers, smirking at the familiar black and gold branded product on the wooden surface. His father was still lording over the decision to start a male grooming line with Jake’s face all over the advertising campaign; not that he cared. He was used to being publicly owned, always on show, and every woman’s idea of a fantasy male.

Which guy wouldn’t? Women falling at your feet every day. Hell yeah.

He rubbed it through his hair expertly and spiked it up toward the center and forward in its trademark style. He was never really one for much fussing over his hair, this kept it sorted and then he never had to care for the rest of the day or mess with it unless he ran his hands through and mussed it up. If he had his way, he would shave it all off, but he had done that in his teens and he had just looked like a menacing street thug and was met with serious glares from Mamma Carrero.

He caught sight of the girl in the mirror, trying to catch his eye from the bed. She was lounging sexily and letting the bed sheets slide down her naked body in a bid to lure him back in. Jake just frowned at the effort and went back to getting ready for work. He’d had enough playtime these last two weeks, and she was already boring him. This one was his most recent fuck buddy, long legs, a little too skinny for his liking, and surprisingly plain faced after all that muck was wiped off. 


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