Interference by Mignon Mykel

Caleb Prescott ended up on a dating show, by complete accident...


What do you get when you mix a pixie sized redhead, an NHL player, and beautiful Hawaii?
A breach of contract...

Having grown up in a hockey family, Caleb Prescott knows better than most the ins and outs of a season. If there's one thing he has vowed to stick by, it's that he's there to play the game, not be the face gracing media.

Sydney Meadows is finishing up her degree and decides to intern with a casting company. Fun, right? Until she's given an impossible task—get a well known hockey player, who has very little media presence, to agree to star on a dating show.

What starts as a challenge, quickly turns difficult in other ways...

Genre: FICTION / Romance / New Adult

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Sports

Language: English

Keywords: hockey, new adult

Word Count: 88500

Sales info:

This title has been available since August 2016, and is the opening book to my entire book world. All books, with the exception of the Playmaker Duet, are complete standalones. When being advertised, this book can easily sell 5-10 copies per day, as well as receive Kindle Unlimited borrows. It also brings in Prescott family series sell-through, as well as full world sell-through. Ideally, I wanted to begin with Interference to see if the book/world has a market in additional languages, before bringing in the other 16+ (and growing) titles.

Sample text:

“My job is to find you your potential…dates, girlfriend, wife, whatever it is you’re trying to get out of this show,” Sydney continued. “Rather than going about this in a completely random fashion, I thought I’d start off by hearing your preferences.”

“My preferences?” I slid back to slouch a bit in my hair, reaching both hands out to wrap around my coffee cup.

“Yes. Height, build, hair, et cetera, et cetera,” she answered, picking up her legal pad only to put it back down, slightly angled this time. She slid her pen off the top of the pad and flipped it once in her left hand before clicking the end, extracting the tip.

So she was a lefty. Different.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she prompted.

I sighed heavily, a grin tugging my lips. “My preferences…” I reiterated before truly beginning. I kept my gaze on Sydney while spewing off my ideal woman—or what had been my ideal before a short, sexy redhead walked into my life the day prior because at this moment, I’d do anything for a date with her.

“Tall. Nothing more than a foot difference. Did that once.” Though, truth be told, in some ways it made sex more exciting. It was easier to work against a wall or in a shower with a shorter chick.

I watched for any change of expression on her face, but she wrote what I said with nilch, nada, nothing showing. Okay, then, I thought.

“Never really had a thing for redheads,” I said, forcing a fake grimace of apology but she never looked. Again, no reaction.

And now for the big guns. I supposed it wasn’t a nice spot to play, on account of some women being self-conscious about it, but, “Definitely have to have more than a handful to work with.”

This time she did look up, a quizzical look on her face. “A handful?”

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Already translated. Translated by Marie-Pier Deshaies
Author review:
Wonderful to work with! Quick and great communication, even with multiple questions on my part. Thank you, Marie!
Already translated. Translated by Stefy Ma
Author review:
Stefy is a pleasure to work with! She's also really great with promoting on her end as well. Thank you!
Already translated. Translated by Juliana Chiavagatti Grade
Author review:
Wonderful to work with, great communicating about timing and delivery.
Already translated. Translated by Miriam Reinoso Sánchez

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