Infinite apex (Tiger’s Obsession Book 6) by Pet Torres

Adult romance.

Infinite apex (tiger’s obsession book 6)




Check out the end of the erotic series that tells the story of young Emily Fontana and the mighty Larsson Tiger, the emperor of the L.TIGER Nightclubs network.

Will the infinity apex reign in love life of Emily Fontana and Larsson Tiger?

Or were they born to love each other, but the distance is their consolation prize for this turbulent love that involves them?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: erotic, erotic romance, ya, new adult romance

Word Count: 14.627

Sample text:

Chapter 1





The night is finally in its heyday.

With great difficulty I walk down some steps of an external staircase in front of the building where I live. My friend Mari walks nervously behind me, holding the huge tail of my wedding dress. She does this to keep it complete and clean until the ceremony of my marriage.

At that moment I don't know who looks more nervous. Me or her?

Finally I see two cars parked in front of us.

- Emily, I'll meet you in the church in a few minutes!

Mari says and holds my hand carefully, looking like my hand is made of porcelain. She looks into my eyes and I smile without any glare back for her. Her hand removes the excess lipstick from my lips and finally she says.

- Emily...there is still time...

Without any fears, I interrupt her.

- Armando is waiting for me at the altar. I will not disappoint him.

- All right...

Mari says and shrugs.

- I hope you never regret that choice.

So Mari turns her back and walks to her boyfriend's car, Rodolfo. Hastily she enters the wine colored car and they go forward in the church's direction.

I stay in the same place. Totally immobilized. The watch hands seem to have stopped working and I seem to have lost track of time. What should I actually do that night.

Without warning, I look down and see the bouquet of red roses in my hand. Immediately I remember it's my wedding.




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