His Scandalous Siren by Dawn Brower

A battle of wills--a love they cannot deny.

His scandalous siren

Andrew Marsden has no desire to marry, at least not anytime soon. He's having too much fun to tie himself down to home and hearth, and he doesn't give any woman a second glance. He has wicked charm, and a devilish sense of humor that appeals to the ladies of the ton, and many are more than willing to join him in his bed. So he sees no reason to make a change.

Until Sofia Leone comes to London for a visit. She is much more alluring than he recalls, and apparently not susceptible to his charismatic demeanor. She's a siren, and he is willing to answer her call, if only she'd let him...

Sofia would like nothing more than to fall into Drew's arms and allow him to seduce her, but she refuses to give in to what she feels for him. After one night of passion it might not be so easy to stay away from him. Drew's not above using that one night against her, and finds a way to ensure she's tied to him forever--the one thing he never thought he'd willingly agree to--marriage.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: second chance

Word Count: 22000

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Sample text:

The ballroom was filled with some of the more adventurous members of the ton. Ones that didn’t mind being at a ball thrown by the Duke of Sin. Though there was definitely the occasional innocent or upstanding member of the ton that hoped a mask would hide who they were. A masquerade always drew some of the more honorable members of society. Uncovering their identities was one of Alex's and Drew’s favorite games.

“Do you want to start a scandal?” he grinned as he watched several couples on the dance floor. Laughter echoed back at him as the men twirled their partners in an intimate waltz.

“Not just yet,” Alex drawled. “I wouldn’t want the night to end too early.” He glanced at Drew. “Besides, how are we to know exactly what type of scandal we wish to create without sampling some of the entertainment provided?”

“Truth,” Drew agreed. “Then shall we partake in the offerings?”




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