Flesh: The Complete Series by Sky Corgan

17 Installment BDSM erotic romance box set by USA Today best selling author

Flesh: the complete series

All 17 installments of the bestselling Flesh Series. There are over 500 five star reviews for this series!

Looking to explore the lifestyle for the first time? Want to experiment without having to commit to a Dominant? Then come to Flesh.

Flesh is the perfect entryway to all things kink related. Come find out what the lifestyle is all about in a safe, controlled environment.

We'll tailor your scene to your needs. Whether you're new to the lifestyle and just want to get your feet wet, or you're into the hardcore stuff, we can create the perfect experience for you. Simply fill out a list of the things you want to try, and we'll pair you with a Dominant who will fulfill your desires.

It's all about you. Let us introduce you to the pleasures of the lifestyle without all the stresses and worries of having to attend munches constantly and search for that one perfect Dominant. At Flesh, everything is arranged for you. Safe, sane, and consensual.

Sky Corgan is the USA Today bestselling author of Unmatchable and The Billionaires Club.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English


Word Count: 167873

Sales info:

This book is currently on pre-sale on the US retailers. Combined, this series has racked up over 500 five-star reviews. The individual installments were also in the top 200 of Amazon's overall store. Many of them reached #1 in their genre category.

Sample text:

I wait on the bed with bated breath, my fingers nervously fidgeting with the ribbon on my apron babydoll lingerie. It's the sexiest thing I've ever worn for a man, and I'm more than a little uncomfortable in it. If I had known how I would feel now when I was buying it, I would have gone with a nightgown or something else far less revealing and far more frumpy. As it is, all I want to do is cover up.

What does it really matter though? If what I've been told throughout my entire adult life is true, men don't care what a woman looks like as long as she's willing. That's not really what this is about though. I'm willing to try some things, not others. Not most of the things that were on the order form I scanned through before I came here.

Waiting is torturous. My eyes flit to the cheap Dollar Store clock on the wall, and I scowl at the realization that he's late. I paid money for this, and he's late. Hopefully, I'll get my full session. Either that, or they'll have to take off the time that he was absent.

Just thinking about handing money over for something like this makes me feel pathetic. There won't be any sex, but it still feels like prostitution to some degree. Oh well. This is what I wanted, wasn't it? To stop being boring. To try new things. And I have been curious about this for quite a while.

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Already translated. Translated by Daniele Giuffrè
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Excellent communication and quality, as always.
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Quick and precise.

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