Cordell's Poems of Spiritual Inspiration: Second Edition by Mack C. Moore

A bible-based yet powerful book of Christian poetry!

Cordell's poems of spiritual inspiration: second edition

This book is the author's way of expressing His love for Jesus and is also an introduction to the world about Jesus. This book covers themes such as suicide, self-esteem, and love. Some titles are:... God Is..., Priceless, Please Don't Do It(Jesus Loves You), and Feeling Good About Yourself(Self-Esteem). If you are a fan of poetry you will love these poems. This book contains 24 poems. This Edition has two brand new poems. This author is a virgin saving himself for marriage. Only Jesus and His Word helped him get through years of depression. Now this author writes to help encourage others who are depressed and downtrodden by showing them how much Jesus loves them, whether they are saved or unsaved. He also writes to inform and teach believers about the Word of God and the importance of growing closer to Christ.

Cordell's Poems of Spiritual Inspiration" is a book that's bible-based, powerful and inspires people. There's a poem in his book, "As Real As the Wind" which personifies Christ like the wind. He wrote that one with atheists in mind. Then there's his poem, "Please Don't Do It" which encourages people who are having suicidal thoughts. With two new poems, "The Living Word" and "Blood of Jesus", this book is sure to make a big impact in the lives of those who read it. He puts his heart into his work. So reading this book is like getting to know this author.

Genre: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Essays

Language: English

Keywords: poetry books, poetry for teens, postpartum depression, when panic attacks, panic attack, yes i have anxiety book, untangle your anxiety, teens who hurt, poetry with a spirtual twist

Word Count: 5,336

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Sample text:

The Living Word


The Bible is called the written Word.     

Jesus is called the living Word.

Jesus gives life to all who believe in Him.

Eternal life is what believers receive from Him.

Jesus once said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” in Matthew 4:4.

So God’s Word isn’t just words, it’s so much more.

Heaven awaits those who have faith in the living Word of God.

To receive salvation is easy not hard.

All you have to do is believe in the living Word with your heart and soul.

And the living Word will cleanse you of your sins and make you whole.

When I mean whole I mean born again.

The living Word wants to be your Lord and Savior, not just your friend.

But the choice is yours so it’s your will and you can’t be forced.

Since the choice is yours, why not accept the Living Word as your Lord.

Faith comes by hearing the written Word.

So why not hear what Jesus has to say,

Jesus the living Word.


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