'Buying the Virgin' Part Two - The Virgin Sold by Simone Leigh

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

Two Masters…

'buying the virgin' part two - the virgin sold

Two Masters…

Charlotte, having auctioned herself to raise funds for her college education, has already surrendered her virginity to the man who is her Master for the next week.

Now she is to to be shared by him with another man.

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: bdsm, menage, threesome, erotic romance, master, submission, submissive woman

Word Count: 5000

Sales info:

2nd in series, popular lead in to main series

Sample text:

Part Two
The Virgin - Sold


I wake, to find myself still in the vast bed, sunshine streaming through the window, cascading over creamy satin sheets.

My Master is sitting on the end of the bed, the sunlight back-lighting his hair as he sips from a steaming cup. 'Coffee?' he asks, smiling.

The coffee smells wonderful. "I'd love some."

He pours me a cup from a white porcelain jug. "How are you this morning?" He sounds genuinely concerned.

"I'm fine, I think."

"Try walking around a bit. See if you still feel fine. Your insides took a pounding last night; a pounding they’re not used to."

Mmm. He has a point. As I sit up, brushing untidy hair out of my eyes, there is a stiffness around my pelvis. My Master was very gentle with me the previous evening, but it was my first time, and my virgin muscles have been exercised in unfamiliar ways.

He sees me wince as I move. "A warm bath again, perhaps? To relax you a little."

"Er, yes. I think so."

"Take your time. The hotel does an excellent breakfast, and they'll be serving for the next couple of hours."

I climb out of bed, suddenly conscious of my nakedness in front of this man, almost a stranger. He sees my embarrassment, and tosses me a bathrobe.

Standing, my hips don’t want to move properly at first, feeling bruised. A soak in warm water is definitely a good idea. Also, I notice there is an unfamiliar smell about me, something I have not scented before. The smell of sex?

Half an hour later, bathed, dressed and fortified with about a pint of strong coffee, I feel much better.

"Ready to eat?” asks my Master.

Suddenly ravenous, I could eat a horse. "Yes. Definitely."


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