Buying Cancer - The Ugly Truth Behind Our Beauty Products by Vivienne Harris

This book will show you the secrets the "beauty" industry pays a lot of money to conceal, and the depth of this serious and urgent problem.

Buying cancer - the ugly truth behind our beauty products

As consumers we have the right to know where our products come from, how they are made and whether the benefit of owning that product is greater or not. And because we buy products with our hard earned money, we are entitled to get the best quality possible. However, industries have no moral obligations towards consumers and this is a fact they readily exploit. The cosmetic industry is no different, and in this book you will learn first hand how threatening the chemicals they use in our products are. You will learn how the shampoo & conditioner you use, the lip gloss you can't leave home without, the lotion you apply on your body to help you moisturise your skin to the toothpaste you use every day are all contaminated with toxic ingredients that were originally designed to only clean industrial equipment or grease your gearbox. 

The health impact of these ingredients that are so beautifully packaged is truly appalling. The mascara, deodorant, face mask, nail polish, lip balm, concealer and shower gel you use mostly have chemicals that have been linked to cancer and birth defects, and have been classified to harm the female reproductive system. So as consumers we have to educate ourselves to protect our health and well being. It is not enough for this multi-billion dollar industry to take our money, in the process, they also want to make most of us sick, and where possible, kill the rest. Women are powerful consumers and if they recognize the deadly (but subtle) weapons this industry uses against them, they will be able to a) protect their health and b) demand healthy and regulated products. 

This book will show you the secrets this industry pays a lot of money to conceal, and the depth of this serious and urgent problem. 

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Beauty & Grooming

Language: English


Word Count: 19374

Sample text:

What do airport runways and your hair have in common? More than you think! The same ingredient that is in most shampoos is also used to de-ice airport runways. That is not all. Ethylene glycol is also utilized ‘in the formulations of printers’ inks, stamp pad inks, and inks for ballpoint pens…’2 to name but a few. So what is the health impact of using an industrial product on your hair, which you will no doubt inhale? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), short-term exposure to this chemical ‘causes three stages of health effects: central nervous system (CNS) depression, followed by cardiopulmonary effects, and later renal damage.’3


This is one toxic ingredient in one personal care product that has on average, 25 ingredients. So imagine if you were to measure the health impact of all the products you use daily and considered their ingredients. There are many reports that state by the time a woman leaves her house in the morning, she would have been exposed to (on average) 168 chemicals.


This is a very reasonable estimation considering each product contains anywhere between 25 to over 50 ingredients. And since these toxic chemicals go into our body and enter our bloodstream, it is estimated that 2.5kg of this nasty stuff gets stored into our body every year. The average person is therefore walking around with 20,30,40 kilos or even more toxins in their body, and this is only from the use of personal care products.

It is therefore not difficult to imagine why there are so many diseases, physical and health issues as well behavioral problems that did not exist as recent as seventy years ago. So what has changed?

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