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Marcus pfeiffer


I'm Marcus, and I write books on health and sport.

I have worked as an alternative medicine practitioner and have in the past worked as a nutritionist. My passion lies in finding the link between health and lifestyle. I write books that question the status quo and love researching complex concepts to gain in-depth understanding. 

This platform is a great way for me to reach people all over the world. 

Let's do this! 




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This book will show you the secrets the "beauty" industry pays a lot of money to conceal, and the depth of this serious and urgent problem.
Although nobody talks about it - Autism is curable
Despite the widespread opinion, that ED only is curable with chemical drugs, there are ways to overcome ED effective and permanently.
Positive Thinking
In this book you will find easy to learn and easy to apply acupressure treatments for 25 ailments.
Guide to make money online using quora