Instant pain relief with acupressure: 25 proven remedies for the most common diseases by Marcus A. Pfeiffer

In this book you will find easy to learn and easy to apply acupressure treatments for 25 ailments.

Instant pain relief with acupressure: 25 proven remedies for the most common diseases

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain points on the body to relieve pain. The human body has fourteen “highways” that carry energy throughout the body. These highways are called meridians. All acupressure points are on one of these meridians.

Acupressure is the most effective and most easy method for self-treatment of many ailments, especially tension-related ailments, by simply using the power and sensitivity of the human hand.

In this book you will find easy to learn and easy to apply treatments for ailments like

* Anxiety
* Nausea
* Eye pain
* Diarrhea
* Sore throat
* Depressions
* Acne 
* Allergy 
* Back Pain
* Lack of Concentration
* Acute bronchitis 
* Headache
* Menstrual complaints
* Migraine

... and others.

All treatments are very easy and fast to learn and you can immediatly apply them after learning them. You not only can apply them at yourself, but you also can apply them at your beloved ones. 

There is no reason to suffer from any pain, you have the tool to help yourself and others.

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Acupressure & Acupuncture

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Language: English


Word Count: 2208

Sales info:

The English version of this book sold a bit. The German version did much better and was a few days amongst the top 3 in alternative medicine books on amazon. I think it could be amongst the top 5 in Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese too.

The word count of this book is 2208 words, and from page 12 to page 39 there is no text; only pictures and the names of the diseases, which makes it very easy to translate. I translated it myself from English to German in a weekend. 

Sample text:

It's Saturday night and you just came home after you had an evening out with your friends. You want to grab something to eat before you go to bed. You open the fridge and take out the sandwich you prepared this afternoon. But unhappily it slides from your hand and falls down to the floor. You bend down to take it, but while straightening up you feel this dull pain in your lower back. You have to stay in a semi-bowed position because you can't move any more. The pain in your lower back kills you. But what should you do? It's Saturday night... middle of the night... all doctors are closed, and you don't want to call the emergency. Does this situation sound familiar to you? You are in pain and like paralyzed and can't move, but there is no help in sight.


What if you could help yourself in such a situation? What if there was something that would enable you to get rid of that pain? What if you were not depending on others in situations like this?


Well, good news for you! There is something which certainly will enable you to help yourself in situations like this. Something you can help yourself and ensure instant relief.


And you know what? There are more good news, it even is very simple to learn and more simple to apply. You not even need any apparatuses, machines or whatsoever. All you need is your fingers.

So what is this magic thing I am talking about?

I am talking about pressure point massage or, by its original name, acupressure.

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Already translated. Translated by Lamia Ishak
Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by Stefano Vazzola
Author review:
It was a pleasure to work with Stefano. Very nice communication. He finished way ahead deadline. I hope I can work together with Stefano more often.
Already translated. Translated by Ravi Martins de Almeida Sampaio
Author review:
Ravi did an amazing job in a very short of time. Even the formating was perfect! Thank you very much, Ravi!
Already translated. Translated by Daniel García
Author review:
It was easy and a pleasure to work with Daniel. He did a great job. Good communication. Helped with great keywords. I hope I will have the oppurtunity to work again with Daniel in the future.

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