Butterfly Save by Mignon Mykel

Who's saving who?

Newly retired goaltender Jonny Prescott heads to the woods to be alone, finding love being the furthest thing on his radar...

Butterfly save

It’s been one hell of a year.

If I’m being honest, it’s been one hell of a life.

For years my worth has been tied up in one of two things: goaltender for the San Diego Enforcers, and husband—then ex-husband—of the oldest MacTavish daughter.

Regret is a heavy thing and it’s weighing on me.

Now I’m retiring myself up to the wooded island my family called a second home growing up.

Getting away from the limelight.

Feeling closer to my roots.

I’m fully prepared to live out the rest of my life alone up here in seclusion.

And then I meet her.

Timid. Cautious. And so damn beautiful.

I should stay away.

She doesn’t need my brand of baggage.

But damn, I can't help myself.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Sports

Language: English

Keywords: hockey romance, second chance romance, age gap romance

Word Count: 82592

Sales info:

This is the final in the Prescott series, having released on November 11, 2021. 

Sample text:

I’d shaved my hair off years ago at my ex-wife’s demand. She said keeping my curls made me look childish. The first time my mom saw me with a shaved head, I swear she’d been ready to cry.

I hadn’t wanted my look to be publicly connected to Jenna though, so even after the divorce, I’d kept it buzzed. Now that I was retired though...

I’d probably grow it back.

Grow out the hair, get rid of the beard.

The beard had been a playoff beard—where hockey players kept their facial hair, as superstitions told us that if we shaved, we’d lose—and even though most of the guys had shaved right after our loss, I’d kept mine for my cross-country trip.

Just another level of disguise.

A disguise I no longer needed, now that I was so far up in the middle of nowhere that no one either knew who I was or cared who I was.

The ferry began moving, and even over the sound of the ferry gearing up and the water sloshing, I could make out Summer’s deep breath.

“I’m Jonny,” I said, turning ninety degrees to face her. I didn’t offer my hand. I didn’t think she’d take it.

Watching her profile, I saw her swallow hard, before turning just her head toward me.

She was breathtaking.

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Already translated. Translated by Marie-Pier Deshaies
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As always, it was a pleasure working with Marie-Pier!
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Always a pleasure working with Stefy Ma! She takes care of my book babies like they are her own. Thank you!
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Thank you! Wonderful to work with!
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