Bad Boys for Hire: Ryker by Rachelle Ayala

Sexy and explosive. A modern day Romeo and Juliet story with a surprising twist.

Bad boys for hire: ryker

Florist Terri Martin lives a calm and peaceful life. Maybe too calm and too peaceful because she can’t remember the last time she was in a relationship.

Terri calls Bad Boys for Hire to book herself a date for her thirtieth birthday party, but before she can hire one, she meets Ryker Slade, a biker hiding from his motorcycle club.

Old vendettas resurface and soon, Terri has more than she can handle when she learns that her and Ryker’s love is as doomed as Romeo and Juliet’s.

Ryker thinks he has a way out, but can Terri escape her fate, or will she find her lover dead before she wakes?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: steamy romance, motorcycle club, military hero, BBW, bad boy romance, romantic comedy

Word Count: 38000

Sales info:

Bad Boys for Hire Series was given the Beck Valley Books Readers' Choice Award in 2016. This series is well received by readers. It is sexy and humorous, and I also have it in audiobook.

Sample text:

“Bad Boys for Hire, how may I help you?” Rex Carter floated on a foam pool lounge in the center of his swimming pool. Life was good as he glanced at his palatial Mediterranean mansion in a secluded community outside of San Francisco.

“Mr. Carter, my name is Terri Martin, but you can call me Terr, because I’m either terrific or a terror, depending on who you ask,” a full-bodied female voice rumbled through the earpiece. “I’m looking to hire a bad boy.”

“You’ve called the right agency. What type are you looking for?”

“I was going through your website, and I must say, you do have quite a collection, but it’s hard to tell. They’re all so tempting, and I can’t make up my mind.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Rex reassured. As owner of Bad Boys for Hire, Rex was responsible for hiring and training his bad boys, as well as matching them to potential clients. “Tell me about yourself and what made you decide to hire one of our Certified Bad Boys.”

“I’m turning thirty in a week,” Terr said, her voice too loud, as if she was giving a speech. “And I’m still single with not a relationship in sight. I’m sure you get many callers like me.”

Rex held the receiver slightly away from his ear and nodded, as if the woman were right in front of him.

“All the time. Wonderful, smart, and attractive women like you deserve the perfect escort to that special occasion, whether a wedding, party, or family reunion. Tell me the time and place, and I’ll fit you with the perfect Bad Boy.”

“Awesome. Can we start with my birthday party? My parents are putting on a surprise party at the country club next week. They’ve invited all my coworkers and classmates, including my Bumblebee preschool dance class.

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Already translated. Translated by Claudia Schoepper
Author review:
Excellent team and communication. Excited about gaining new readers. Thanks Claudia and your team.
Already translated. Translated by Irene Aprile
Author review:
Another wonderful translation. Thank you so much!
Already translated. Translated by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
Author review:
Always excellent and timely work. Love to work with Cinta.

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