Alkaline Diet: Delicious Alkaline Diet Recipes Cookbook: Ultimate Alkaline Lifestyle For Weight Loss by Steve Stark

Iconic Alkaline Recipes

Alkaline diet: delicious alkaline diet recipes cookbook: ultimate alkaline lifestyle for weight loss

Want to Get Healthy? More Energy? Feel Great?

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet focuses on balancing out the pH level of the fluids in your body.
Bodily fluids need to maintain a slightly alkaline pH level.

Eating foods that have an alkaline effect can lead to…


The Alkaline Diet provides many powerful health benefits. It provides catechins, antioxidants that fight cancer by destroying free radicals, shutting down cancer cells power supplies, and shrinking tumors. This diet can also help you fight heart disease, arthritis, inflammation, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. It can even help you reverse the physical signs of aging!

You should know that a lot of people had already tried this diet and they remained delighted, because their life had changed for the better!

You'll get delicious alkaline diet recipes in this book which will improve your overall health!!

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Sample text:

Legendary Avocado Sandwich


Sandwich time!!

What you need

How to prepare

  1. Okay, Gather all the ingredients at one place.
  2. It would be better  to make the baguette 1 day before you like to eat this snack or so.
  3. Now for the bread, please soak sunflower seeds & then grind the flax seed.
  4. Most important step is about to come, focus.
  5. Then blend both together with the oil and spices you have and form small pieces of bread.
  6. One thing remains to be done now.
  7. Place in the food dehydrator overnight at 110˚ Fahrenheit.
  8. For the spread, just blend the avocado with the oil and garlic and taste with salt & pepper.
  9. Mission accomplished!! Go ahead and eat it up!!


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