After the Fall by Tamara Hart Heiner

Falling in love is the easy part.

After the fall

Arkansas. Solitude and nature. Time to breathe and rediscover herself.

That's what Luce thinks she's getting when she returns home after her divorce. Instead, she meets Connor and falls, once again, in love.

Connor blames his lying and cheating father for his mother's irresponsible behavior, leaving the burden of maintaining the family business squarely on Connor's shoulders. Luce is the unexpected variable that throws off his entire equation, the random x that sends his life into a delicious tilt-a-whirl. She's everything he ever wanted. 

Minus her divorce. 

When Connor's mom falls ill and makes a deathbed request, he knows he'll do his best to oblige her. Even if it means pretending to marry the woman he loves.

For readers of Nicholas Spark, Victorine Lieske, and Karen Kingsbury comes a sweet southern romance that explores the strengths of love and humanity in the setting of small-town America.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: second chance romance, contemporary romance, small town romance, sweet romance , southern romance

Word Count: 70000

Sales info:

This is a new release in a series of books but so far has done quite well! 

Sample text:

“Yeah, it’s great, Dad. I appreciate you finding me a place.”

Luce held the door open with one hand, balancing the heavy box on her hip while cradling the cell phone between her ear and her shoulder. Crumbling stone steps led the way from the concrete sidewalk exterior into the faded brown condo. Even with the curtains pulled back from all the windows, the wood paneling kept the interior dim and enclosed. Glass fixtures enclosed the living room light, adding an orange-ish glare to the galley kitchen next to it.

“I wish you would let me come and help you,” her father said, his normally stern voice hinting at something almost like concern.

Not that Luce fell for that. She knew her dad still blamed her for the divorce. “I’m almost done. I’ve got the last box in my arms. And you’ve done enough.” She fought hard to keep the bitter edge out of her words, not wanting to bring up the sore subject of her new career path. “I’ll call you if I need anything.”

“Let me know how your first day at the clinic goes tomorrow.”

“Sure. Talk to you later.”

The call disconnected, and Luce gave an aggravated sigh, letting the phone slide from her shoulder to the floor. She stepped over it and inhaled deeply, trying to get a sense for her new home, but mostly she smelled must and moth balls, a scent that reminded her unpleasantly of her grandma’s house. She dropped the heavy box onto the giant rug in the middle of the living room that the previous inhabitant hadn’t felt the need to take with them.

Yay. An old condo badly in need of a remodel. This was what she inherited from her broken marriage.

Melodee came in behind her with her arms full of blankets. “Careful with that box!” she said. “It might have some of your pottery in it.”

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Already translated. Translated by Julia Bahr
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Excellent translation, fantastic communicator.
Already translated. Translated by Alexander Powell
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Excellent translator, great to work with
Already translated. Translated by Aline Borde
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beautiful translation, great communicator! highly recommend!
Already translated. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Erika Callirgos
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Fantastic team, great publishing effort

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