Expat Wife, Happy Life! by Florence Reisch-Gentinetta

The journey of a Serial Expat

My book is about expatriate life, my experiences and advice. As an expat coach I also invite the reader to a personal reflection with relevant coaching questions. I wrote this book to encourage current and future expatriates to embrace this extraordinary

Expat wife, happy life!

I have always wanted to share my experiences as an expatriate woman because I think they can be useful and reassuring for women (partners) who are already living or who will live expatriation.The truth is that in the difficult moments of this very special life, I too would have liked to read a book like this one. A book that reassures me, empathizes with me, tells me that I am not alone and helps me to think about myself, my needs and my future. 
This book is neither a biography nor a road map, it is a sharing of unique experiences that I hope will inspire those women who are similar to me but who are also unique due to a unique life story. 
I was able to write this book because I found an empathetic way to convey my message and to bring together my two passions without them being overbearing: my two passions are expatriation and coaching, I am an expat coach by profession. 
As you probably know, a coach is there to guide his client, to help him ask himself the right questions, to reflect on the messages his emotions are transmitting and also to reflect on personal and unique situations so that the client can finally live the life he really wants to. 
Without judgment, ever. 
I have written this book with both upcoming and existing expat women in mind. I address my reader as if I were talking to a friend, as if I were sitting with her in a cafe over a cup of tea and telling them a story. A positive, enthusiastic voice because I loved my life and I recommend it to anyone who is curious and ready to step out of their comfort zone. 
Each chapter takes up a theme of expatriation: effective communication, dealing with emotions, settling in, integration, children of expatriates, attitude etc...
I have chosen to illustrate my themes with my own personal and unique experiences without wanting to give advice or a procedure to follow. In order to make this book as useful as possible for my reader, I offer a reflection tool: 3 powerful coaching questions at the end of each chapter. 
The objectives of my book:
- to inspire and reassure the future or current expat
- to value the expatriation partner. All their roles. 
- help my reader to reflect on his/her own
- gratitude: to thank all those people I met during my life who made me the person I am today. 
- connect with women alike
And more...
My main message and tone: everything will work out in the end, you are the only one responsible for your life! For every situation, you have a choice.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Human Resources & Personnel Management

Language: English

Keywords: family, expatriation, wife, TCK, Third Culture Kids, travel, experience, life, self confidence, personal development, home, encounters, communication, emotions, relocation, comfort zone, reflection, instinct, attitude , positive, isolation, diversity, friends, education, courage, curiosity, freedom, human resources

Word Count: 42,453

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My book is intemporel and international. It was published in October 2021 and is available:

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Sample text:

The opportunity to discover more places, cultures and food…

When you are based in a certain city in a country, it is like living in a hub for the next few years. You just want to spread out to the whole country, meet the locals, exchange ideas, share a bit of their daily life and enjoy all that the country has to offer. Whether it's in the country itself or in neighbouring countries, it's a unique opportunity to visit places that are often far from our home country. By being closer geographically, we can go back several times and enjoy it for longer.  I must admit that the arrival of the children has never limited our travels. We quickly got them used to our pace, which always made them easy, flexible and happy to be part of all our trips. 


When I look back on my life, I realise that every day I had the chance to meet at least one new person, my eyes saw something new, tasted a different taste, breathed a new smell, discovered a new place, learned something new about my host country or witnessed a new scene of life. While keeping my values, this diversity has really enriched me and naturally influenced my habits. Today for example, our at home food is much more varied, our taste has developed and if before my long expatriate adventure, I could not eat spice, today I am used to it. Little by little I integrate in my daily life what I prefer in each culture and honestly, I do not make the distinction anymore. I have mixed my traditions, my habits with those I met on the way and  It is often others who point this out to me. We created our own culture, our own identity, and this is how we became ‘citizens of the world’. 


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Already translated. Translated by Marcela Meirelles Martins
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Une magnifique collaboration de A a Z! Merci Marcela d'avoir réalisé avec moi ce projet qui me tenait tant à coeur! Je me réjouis de lire tes prochaines traductions et te souhaite beaucoup de succès!
Already translated. Translated by Margit Unser
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I found it extremely pleasant to work with Margit, her work was always delivered on time and the first draft was already perfect, just a few small corrections before I could download the final text. Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Francesca Marrucci
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Francesca found the right words to capture the essence of my book. She was a pleasure to work with. The deadlines were perfectly respected. My comments were accepted and the text was modified until we were both satisfied. Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Caroline Fregadolli Gomes
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Caroline put her heart into this translation! A lot of research and curiosity. A pleasure to work with and I wish her continued success with her new translations.
Highly recommended!
Already translated. Translated by Marcela Gutiérrez Bravo
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Very little contact with the translator, but the work was delivered on time.

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