Florence Reisch-Gentinetta (author)

"Expat Wife, Happy Life!" is my first book. I wrote this book to encourage and reassure futur and current expats to embrace this amazing life, the expat life.

Florence reisch-gentinetta

I am a serial expat. Originally from Switzerland, I've lived around the world for the last 25 years with my Austrian husband and my two third culture kids (TCK). 

Wherever I lived, I always looked for opportunities to reinvent myself. Being creative and flexible, I kept on getting busy, happy and lived a fulfilled exciting life. 

My empathy for people and my curiosity about the world led me to a very unique expatriation experience that I felt like sharing. I am a bilingual advanced certified life coach (International Coach Federation ICF) with a special focus on expatriates. Passionate about people and how they respond to their emotions and life changes, I support women and third culture kids who want to better understand themselves, overcome their fears, gain confidence and unleash their full potential. 

Dubai is my home for now but I work internationally. If you would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you at [email protected]

You can have access to my Intro & Chapter 5 of my book on my website: https://www.coachingwiththeflo.com/my-book

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My book is about expatriate life, my experiences and advice. As an expat coach I also invite the reader to a personal reflection with relevant coaching questions. I wrote this book to encourage current and future expatriates to embrace this extraordinary