Our Mission

Babelcube is on a mission to take books global. We are inventing an easy way to go from a world with books often only available in a single language to one filled with books in multiple languages.

Babelcube provides an easy way for publishers and independent book authors to partner with translators and distributes their books in multiple languages globally. Most books are only in one language due to the upfront cost of translation. Babelcube removes this barrier. Translators are paid via a share of royalties—a true partnership.

Our Team

Carlos Granados, Co-Founder, CTO

Carlos is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience developing software for videogames, e-commerce systems, and web and mobile applications. He is known in Spain as one of the fathers of the video game industry. Babelcube is the fourth startup he founded. Carlos earned a Bachelor in Physics from UAM in Madrid, Spain.

The idea for Babelcube came to him as he lamented that he was unable to share with Spanish friends a book he had just read because it was only in English. Beyond delighting people by creating magical technology, Carlos loves to sail.