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Marcela meirelles martins

Being bilingual French/Portuguese, I started my career as a teacher in Geneva in 1997 where I taught both adults in language schools, in middle school and in primary school as a substitute then in associations of bilingual French/Portuguese children.

Since then, I have lived in several countries and I have continued to adapt to the specific needs of students: in Brazil, I taught French as a foreign language, business French and business Portuguese in several language schools, story to expatriate children at the Renault school, French as a second language to bilingual French/Portuguese French-speaking children, going so far as to open my own language school.

In Mexico and Germany I mainly taught French as a foreign language, business French online and business translations. 

In Japan I worked in an international school with children in middle school and primary school, then I accompanied an autistic child to Cp.

Since the pandemic, I have been giving online lessons to different learners from all over the world. I moved to Strasbourg in October 2022 and continue since them to teach French and translate online. I look forward to sharing my international experience and my versatility with you!

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Translates into: French

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Une magnifique collaboration de A a Z! Merci Marcela d'avoir réalisé avec moi ce projet qui me tenait tant à coeur! Je me réjouis de lire tes prochaines traductions et te souhaite beaucoup de succès!