Crimson the Dragon and the Battle of Lonely Mountain by Valerie Pike

Dragon Tale about a young dragon's adventures as he discovers his hidden courage.

Crimson the dragon and the battle of lonely mountain

Crimson the Dragon lives in a cave on Lonely Mountain. When Princess Penelope wanders into his cave looking for love, Crimson gives her a magical necklace. But the necklace attracts the unwanted attention of a greedy local dragon and conflict ensues that threatens the whole village. 

Crimson learns he has a fearsome power that he uses and regrets. Will Crimson accept that he caused harm to do good?  Will the nasty dragons and their thieving ways force Crimson to stay confined to his cave or will he, despite his mother's warning, emrege from the cave to help save the Princess and restore harmony to the Kingdom?

Will the lonely dragon and the Princess both achieve their heart's desires to restore peace? Will Crimson help her reach her true love?  WIll Love conquer evil in the end?



Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Books & Libraries

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

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Word Count: 6,131

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5 stars on Rave reviews on goodreads 5 stars reviewed by another author, Brianna West.

Sample text:



Far, far away in the Kingdom of Nosmir, stood a very tall and rugged mountain peak,

known to all who lived in the area as Lonely Mountain. Near the very top of the mountain was

the entrance to the cave. If you happened to visit the cave at one of these unusual times, when

the sunbeams warmed and brightened the inside of the cave, you would behold a sight

wondrous to see. For no matter where your eye alit, you would see piles of sparkling rubies.

Small piles, big piles, piles on top of piles, there were piles everywhere.

And if, by chance, you decided to go deeper into the entrance of the cave, past the reach

of the cheerful sunlight and into the gloom, and if you had very good eyesight, like an owl or a

cat, you would seemingly find no end to the piles even as the cave’s interior got gloomier, darker

and spookier. But if you went even deeper, even without very good eyesight, you would not be

able to miss the colorful shape of a dozing dragon. His scales glowed a deep, bright red hue and

the spikes on his tail were a dark shade of indigo as blue as the midnight sky.

Atop Lonely Mountain in the cave there lived a colorful dragon named Crimson.


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Already translated. Translated by Julie Boissy and Mailys Marquay
Already translated. Translated by Marina Sun
Already translated. Translated by Maria Kampouraki
Translation in progress. Translated by Naval Sagar
Already translated. Translated by Francesca Marrucci
Author review:
Great translation of my fantasy book into Italian!
Already translated. Translated by Eriko Sugita
Author review:
Eriko did an excellent translation from English to Japanese of Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain. She was very detailed-oriented and I would highly recommend her. You can see her translation at
Already translated. Translated by Elaine Beatriz de Sousa Pagliaro
Already translated. Translated by Andrea Mazzocchi and Silvana Borghi
Author review:
Andrea and Silvana did an excellent translation from English into Spanish of my children's chapter book. They were speedy, accurate and professional to work with.
Already translated. Translated by Jill Selling
Author review:
Jill was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her translation services.

Valerie Pike
Author of Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain

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