Valerie Pike (author)

I am about to self publish my 4th book. I have 3 children's fantasy books and a cookbook. I am a Yoga Teacher and I live in the Southern California in the U.S.

Valerie pike

Valerie Pike is a Creative Writing Award Winner of Art Tales Adult Fiction 2013.  She was born in the Southern United States and now lives in California.  She enjoys writing children’s books, teaching yoga and designing yoga clothes.  She also teaches a Mermaid Tales and Dragon Wing Creative Writing Class  in Ventura, California. You can follow her websites for her other products at and

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Valerie Pike's Kitchen in 14 Weeks
Summer Season Dinner Planner Months June, July & August
Meal Planner for Fall Season with Healthy recipes for the Heart
Valerie Pike's Kitchen in a Year
Valerie Pike's Kitchen in 9 Weeks
Dragon Tale about a young dragon's adventures as he discovers his hidden courage.
Dragon Tale about a young dragon named Crimson who helps save a baby princess from a wicked queen.
Princess Genevieve's personal guard, Crimson, a good and warmhearted dragon, helps rescue King Valentin's magical daughter from a spell cast by the evil dragon, Sparks Snorter.
Crimson is no ordinary dragon. He has a special power. He is the only dragon in the world whose scales turn to rubies when he sheds them.
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