Vincent B. Davis II (author)

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Hi there! I'm Vincent. I am an Author, US Army Soldier, and entrepreneur. I am dedicated to creating the best books available in my genre, and work hard to market them. I am excited to work with you!

Vincent b. davis ii

I have served in the United States Army since 2014 and recently graduated with a degree in Business from East Tennessee State University. I am dedicated to writing and producing successful books, and my lifelong goal is to be a career author. I write primarily historical fiction.

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After years of fighting on the battlefield, Sertorius returns to the city and family he fought for, to find them far different than he remembered.
He was once Rome's greatest hero. Now he is her most dangerous enemy.
The only survivor of a brutal battle, driven by a desperate need to see his family again
Rome - 97 BC. Quintus Sertorius is now serving as a legate in Greece. It's supposed to be a peacetime mission, but quickly Sertorius discovers there is more happening beneath the peaceful veneer of democracy's birthplace.