Tanya Preminger (author)

Tanya Preminger
I'm an author of 3 children's books about a boy who loves soccer and wants to be like Leo Messi. The books have ~ 50 pages in each and colorful illustrations. They have been published since 2015, sold ~ 10000 copies and won the "Moms Choice Awards 2018".

Tanya preminger

My books are meant to inspire kids of 5-10 years old to follow their dreams and work for their goals. Each book starts with a quote which is the theme in the book.

The books are an easy read, and use day to day language in order to atract children with various language skills and encourage them to read.

Here is one of the many Amzon reviews I got from readers of my books:

Great book for soccer lovers!

We loved reading this book together! This book inspired my son to get back into playing soccer. The book has just the right amount of pictures to keep kids engaged, but plenty of reading to keep their brains busy! I was very impressed with the layout of the book and the way it kept my son reading, when he usually gets distracted half-way through a chapter book. He couldn't wait to find out what happened next, and to read the next book in the series!

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Sean, an eight-year-old aspiring soccer player, goes on the trip of a lifetime! He travels to Barcelona, Spain, to watch a FC Barcelona soccer game and get an autograph from his hero, the celebrated forward Lionel Messi.
Sean goes on the biggest adventure of his life: he travels to a FC Barcelona soccer camp in London for his summer vacation. He will visit London's famous landmarks, challenge himself and his parents, learn the power of teamwork, and do his best to get pic
Winner of MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS 2018 - Honoring Excellence-Trusted Worldwide by Parents & Educators