Sean Wants To Be Messi by Tanya Preminger

A children's book about soccer and inspiration

Winner of MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS 2018 - Honoring Excellence-Trusted Worldwide by Parents & Educators

Sean wants to be messi

Sean, an imaginative, soccer-loving second grader, wants to be the great soccer superstar Leo Messi, and he’s working hard for his goal. He battles fears, bullies, homework and bedtimes in pursuit of his dream to become the best soccer player in the world.

An engaging, relatable children’s book about soccer, practice, and inspiration. 
Beautiful illustrations by Elettra Cudignotto.

Winner of MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS 2018 - Honoring Excellence-Trusted Worldwide by Parents & Educators 

Book quote: "It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success." – Lionel Andrés Messi

This chapter book is a part of a series, but it easily functions as a stand-alone book.
It is suitable for kids ages 6-10 (reading level 3, 1st through 4th grade).
Ideal for early readers or to be read aloud by a parent as a bedtime story.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Sports & Recreation / Soccer

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Language: English

Keywords: soccer, football, lionel messi, sports, children's books

Word Count: 3811

Sales info:

I sold around 10000 books until today. I am selling indepedently on amazon. I am selling since 2015, around 250 books each month, and about 2000 in Christmass season.

The books in ranked among the top 10 of the children's book soccer category.

The Spanish edition which I recetly added, sells as well, about 500 copies so far.

Sample text:

Mummy and Sean sit at the kitchen table, working together on Sean’s maths homework.
Sean looks at the numbers in his sloppy notebook and thinks, “Messi missed a kick yesterday against Réal Madrid!”
“Sean, thirteen minus five. How much is it?” Mummy taps her finger on the workbook page to bring Sean out of his daydream.
“Messi missed a kick! Can you believe it?!” Sean exclaims.
 “Sean! Try to concentrate. That’s enough football for right now.” ”But how could Messi miss only 7 meters from the goal?”
Mummy reaches for the abacus that sits on the table and places it right in front of Sean.
“Thirteen minus five! Answer me, please!”
“Mummy, even so, Messi is the best football player ever!”
Mummy puts a hand to her forehead and sighs. At this rate, they will never get Sean’s homework done!
Thoughtfully, Sean moves five beads on the abacus from left to right, one at a time. Mummy watches expectantly.
“Messi had five players guarding him, that’s why! Even Messi can’t score with such defence!” Sean concludes.
“Sean! The exercise!” Mummy yells, exasperated.
“Mummy, I don’t need maths, I’m stupid. I’m going to be a football player.” Sean smiles happily and sneaks a glance at the mirror on the back wall. He fixes his hair with his hand, picturing himself in a football stadium in front of the TV cameras.
Mummy closes her eyes. She takes a long breath.
“You are not stupid. Nobody is born with all the skills. They come with practise. Just like you practise football, you need to practise maths.”

Book translation status:

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Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Domingo Ottati
Author review:
I loved working with Domingo. he was thorough and also very creative. I will definitely work with him on my next book.
Already translated. Translated by Sayaka Yamada
Already translated. Translated by Pedro Gil
Author review:
It was a pleasure to work with Pedro, I am very happy with my choice. He is a professional and he delivered a high quality of work in a short time. He came up with his own ideas and put his heart into the project. I will definitely offer him to translate my other books.
Unavailable for translation.

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