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Language enthusiast, reading fanatic.

Sasha bond

Sasha was born in Oxford, England in 1997. With a travelling businessman for a father and a teacher for a mother, he grew up being strongly encouraged to learn new languages and explore new cultures. From age 7, he and his family went yearly to the South Tyrol to hike. There he was surrounded by both Germans and Italians, many of whom barely spoke any English. Thus he started to pick up these languages.

At Primary School Sasha studied Spanish, French and Latin. In 2010 he went to Abingdon School, where he continued to study French and Latin. He achieved AAB at A level, in French, Maths and English Literature.

After Abingdon Sasha took a gap year, travelling to Montpellier for the Winter and then Oberbozen for Spring and Summer. In Southern France, he spent the time studying French at Alliance Francaise. He stayed with a French family. Thus he was fully immersed in the language and so became fluent by the New Year.

From January to March, he came back to England to learn German. He then travelled to Oberbozen in April, and worked in Parkhotel Holzner as a Hausmeister until August. His boss spoke no English, which improved his German no end. He also took an Italian course in Bozen through the Spring. 

In September 2016, Sasha started at the University of Exeter, studying BA in Modern Languages: French and German. He received a very high 2:1 for the year and so was able to take up Italian. In second year, he took part in Joutes Oratoires, an inter-University French debating competition, and reached the final. He also taught Exeter first years French and Geman, and achieved a hight 2:1. 

For the third year, a year abroad, Sasha travelled to Hamburg to teach English. He is currently teaching as an assistant at BS16, an engineering school.

Native language: English
Translates from: Spanish, French, German
Translates into: English, French, German

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