Rosie Reed (author)

I write paranormal cozy mysteries!

Rosie reed

Writing the English Village Cozy Witch series kept me sane during the very strange year of 2020. I do hope readers will enjoy escaping into the beautiful surroundings of Maiden-Upon-Avon and having some fun with Evelyn and all the other magical beings who live there! Each book is set in a different season of the magical year - beginning with spring in Book One. Readers can enjoy a gentle journey around the village, whilst Evelyn tries to solve the murder. So, treat yourself now by taking the phone off the hook of life, and soaking awhile in the bathtub of the English countryside!

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It’s midsummer night, but mischievous fairies are the least of Evelyn Eldritch’s problems. With a murderer on the loose, a midsummer dream is turning into a nightmare!
In a flash, she had magic. Can she use it to solve a mysterious death in her family?