A Midsummer Fright's Scream by Rosie Reed

A Paranormal Cozy With a Dash of Romance

It’s midsummer night, but mischievous fairies are the least of Evelyn Eldritch’s problems. With a murderer on the loose, a midsummer dream is turning into a nightmare!

A midsummer fright's scream

It’s midsummer night, but mischievous fairies are the least of Evelyn Eldritch’s problems. With a murderer on the loose, a midsummer dream is turning into a nightmare!

When a swindling playboy crashes his car into the side of Magic Cakes Café, Evelyn wants to know who killed him. And why was it done with a stake through the man’s heart?

Was Giovanni Conti a vampire? And why was he clutching a silver bullet in his fist? Are werewolves involved? This sounds like a matter for the Beings of Magic Committee – what could possibly go wrong?

To find out who killed Giovanni, Evelyn must keep her witchy wits about her as she wades through a growing cast of murder suspects. Was it his ex-lover, her husband, or his rival racing car driver? But in addition to solving the murder, the show must go on! Who can replace Giovanni in the Shakespeare play? Detective Inspector Alex Taylor seems an ideal candidate… and Evelyn can’t wait to see him in tights.

A Midsummer Fright’s Scream is the second book in the adorable English Village Witch Cozy series, set in the beautiful English countryside. If you love plucky heroines, small-town whodunits, and a touch of retro nostalgia, then you’ll love Rosie Reed’s fun and flirty tale. 

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Note from the author: Writing this series kept me sane during the very strange year of 2020. I do hope you’ll enjoy escaping into the beautiful surroundings of Maiden-Upon-Avon and having some fun with Evelyn and all the other magical beings who live there! Each book is set in a different season of the magical year – with a summer heatwave in Book Two! You can enjoy a gentle journey around the village, whilst Evelyn tries to solve the murder. So, treat yourself now by taking the phone off the hook of life, and soaking awhile in the bathtub of the English countryside!

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Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Cats & Dogs

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary

Language: English

Keywords: paranormal cozy mystery, English cozy mystery, mystery, paranormal

Word Count: 62000

Sales info:

This is book two in a series of five, so far. 

Sample text:

Chapter One


Day One


The air in Magic Cakes Café was heavy with the fizzle of magic… and the crackle of murder…

“Do you think her husband’s found out about her affair?” I asked, leaning on the counter, keeping my voice low.

“Maybe.” Leia fanned herself with her waitress pad, making her Celtic bangles rattle. “She just wants an iced-coffee, by the way.”

I rolled my eyes. How was I ever going to make my café a success if everyone just kept wanting coffee? And this woman was my only customer. It came to something when there were more staff than punters…

I gestured to an array of scones, cakes, and pastries on the counter. “She’s not tempted by this delicious homemade Victoria sponge I spent ages on?”

Leia raised a playful pierced eyebrow. “Yeah, you spent ages taking it out the box and plonking it on a cake-stand!” She giggled. She was so sweet.

“Well, I didn’t specify whose home it was made in, did I?”

We shared a smile. My cake-making skills were improving – I hadn’t ended up covered in cake mixture for weeks now. Well, all right, days. But until I improved, I was still buying-in some cakes. I just wasn’t selling many.

I turned to grab a cup from the stack behind me, sensing trouble brewing.

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